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Kazi Nazrul Poem is available in online. There are many websites provide the support to download the poem of Nazrul.

Kazi Nazrul Islam (কাজী নজরুল ইসলাম) was a Bengali poet, writer, and musician. He is the national poet of Bangladesh and born in Churulia village in Bardhaman district WB, India. He is also known as Bidrohi Kobi to the Bengalis. Kazi Sabyasachi was his elder son. He had recited many poems of Kazi Nazrul Islam, and that is popular still now.

Revolutionary Patriotic Poet Kaji Nazrul Islam

Revolutionary Patriotic Poet Kaji Nazrul Islam

Kazi Nazrul Islam is the national poet of Bangladesh. His songs are known as najarulagiti. He has written many songs and composed more than 3,000 songs in his lifetime. He was a dynamic revolutionary during the Indian liberty movement.

Download and listen free mp3 of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam poem recitation. Audio files are mostly recited by Kazi Sabyasachi, Subarna Mustafa, Gulam Mustafa, Rahat Al Muqtadir. A special collection of recitation of Kazi Nazrul Poems By popular artists one of them is his son Kazi Sabyasachi.

Listen Free Download Kazi Nazrul Poem Recitation

Title Reciter
Aj Shrishti Shukher Ullashe
(In the ecstasy of creation)
Kazi Sabbyashachi
Amar Koifyot (My Excuse)Subarna Mustafa
Bashonti Kazi Sabbyashachi
Bidrohi (Rebel) Kazi Sabbyashachi;
Gulam Mustafa
Rahat Al Muqtadir [Video Animation]
Dao Sourjyo Dao DhoirjyoKazi Sabbyashachi
Drishtite Ar Hoyna SrishtiKazi sabbyashachi
Hey Mor RaniKazi Sabbyashachi
Hey rudro adesh koro Kazi Sabbyashachi
Jater name Bojjati Kazi Sabbyashachi
Kandari Hushiyar Kazi Sabbyashachi
Khoma Koro Hajrat
(Forgive us, O Prophet!)
Kazi Sabyasachi
Kishor-Rabi Md. Manzoor Murshed
More Ek Brinte Duti KusumKazi Sabbyashachi
Manush (Human)Gulam Mustafa
Mor Priya HobeRahman with Violin by Zahid Anwar Babu
Nomo Nomo Nomo Bangladesh Kazi Sabbyashachi
Rabihara (Without Rabi)Kazi Nazrul Islam
(on Rabindranath death)
Shammobadi (The Egalitarian) Kazi Sabbyashachi
Gulam Mustafa
Shat-il Arab Kazi Sabyasachi
Amateur Renditions
BangladeshMohammad Omar Farooq
Bibaho-MongolMohammad Omar Farooq
Cha (An Ode to Tea)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Chorui Pakhir Chhana (Baby Sparrow)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Dari ar Tiki (Beard and tuft)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Dushshashoner Rokto Paan
(Drinking the blood of oppression)
Mohammad Omar Farooq
Goinar Fordo (The list of jewelry)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Goriber Baytha (The agony of the poor)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Hindu-Muslim JudhdhoMohammad Omar Farooq
Jagoron (Awakening)Mohammad Omar Farooq
KochuripanaMohammad Omar Farooq
Ma (Mother)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Pact (Treaty)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Prarthona (Prayer)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Prem-o-Prohar (Love and beating)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Priyar Roop (Lovers beauty)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Puja Obhinoy (The acting of Puja)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Saheb ar Mosaheb (Boss and sycophant)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Shongkolpo (Resolution)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Shundori (Beautiful)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Ai Beheshte Ke Jabi Ai
(Come those who want to to Heaven)
Mohammad Omar Farooq
Allah Porom Priyotomo Mor (Allah – my dearest lover)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Jibone Jahara Bachilo Na
(Those who did not live in life!)
Mohammad Omar Farooq
Joy Hok! Joy Hok!Mohammad Omar Farooq
Munajat (Prayer)Mohammad Omar Farooq
Shohidi EidMohammad Omar Farooq
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