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Bangladeshi band music has started its journey before 1971. First band group was built 1960. Then in 1963, an Orchestra Band was formed in Chittagong. The band name was Zinga.

Band music is also known as rock music. Guitar is a main musical instrument for this kind of rock music. In west Bengal Moheener Ghoraguli was the man icon for this music. They all flow Bob Dylan. He was an American rock singer. This kind of music is very popular to the young group. Country songs and love songs are the main item in here.

Bangladesh is a land of music. Land and nature of this country generate music. There are many types of local music group can get here. They are based on religious music, patriotic songs, Rabindra Sangee, Nazrul Geeti, Lalon, Hason Raja and many.

Bangla Musical Instrument

Bangla Musical Instrument

Bangla Band music one of the popular songs for Bangladeshi young generation. It is also known as Rock Hip Hop. Azam Khan was the main hero in Rock music Bangladesh. His one of the popular song is “ Alaer o Dullal”. He is known as the Pioneer of Bangladeshi rock music. In 1980, Ayub Bachchu, Tapan Chowdhury, Kumar Bishwajit were the main artists. At present Feedback,Miles, Black, Moruvumi, Minerva are top band group in Dhaka and Chittagong.

Some top band music group in Bangladesh

Nagar Baul
Different Touch
Cryptic Fate
Metal Maze

Here is some website list of Banglgldeshi Band Music. Anyone can listen, download Bangla mp3, band music, gaan and songs of different artist and albums.

Present time is the golden time for Bangladeshi band music. Most of television channels present live music event at night. Day by day new band will grow in our country.

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