Bangladesh Airport Customs Rules Regulation

Bangladesh Airport Customs Rules and Regulation  is available  in IATA official website. Get the infotmation of immigration customs duty for Bangladeshi and foreign nationals.

Customs Baggage Rules

Customs Baggage Rules

Get the rules and regulations of immigration customs duty for Bangladeshi and foreign nationals. From airport tax to be paid on departure, to importing pets, as well as rules on how much currency you may bring into and out of a country and also contact phone number. Tourists who trip Bangladesh for more than twenty-four hours and not more than six months and do not get engage in any profitable occupation can take the following items for own use.

Bangladesh Airport Customs Rules Regulation

List of Taxable Baggage Items
(a) Imported goods, other than private and household things are taxable.
(b) Each individual is allowed two bags or suitcases not exceeding 65 kg total as personal and family luggage. However, if the 3rd number of suitcase is of books and Magazines which are used for education reason are not taxable.
(c) Imported items which are used for profitable purposes are taxable
(d) Bangladesh nationals are not allowed to import Alcohol/Alcoholic beverages.The following things which may be imported as personal/Household items are chargeable as per the tax mentioned in brackets.
1. Television:
(a) up to 21 Tk. 5000/-
(b) up to 25 Tk. 7500/-
(c) up to 29 Tk. 10,000/-

2. VCR/VCP/ Satellite receiver Tk. 3000/-

3. VCD/DVD/LD/MD Player Tk. 4000/-

4. Music center:
(a) with general CD and detached Speaker Tk. 2000/-
(b) Component system (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD set) Tk.8000/-
(c) Detachable ` (CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD Set) Tk.15,000/0-

5. Refrigerator /Deep Freezer Tk. 5000/-

6. Dish Washer/Washing /Knitting Machine Tk.3000/-

7. Electric Sewing Machine/Knitting Machine Tk.1000/-

8. General Photocopier/ Photo Enlarger Tk. 10,000/-

9. Aircooler/AirConditioner:
(a) Window type Tk. 10,000/-
(b) Split type Tk. 25,000/-

10. Fax Machine Tk. 5000/-

11. Oven:
(a) Microwave oven Tk. 2000/-
(b) Gas oven with burner Tk. 5000/-

12. Dish Antena Tk. 7000/-

13. Gold bar or bullion (Maximum 5 kg) Tk. 300 (per 11.664 gm)

14. Silver bar or bullion (Maximum 20 kg) Tk. 6/ (per 11.664gm)

15. Mobile/Cellular Telephone tk. 5000/-

16. Airgun/Air rifle Tk. 2000/-

17. Candelabrum Tk. 300/- per point

18. Carpet up to 15 square metere Tk. 500sq. meter.


Schedule-2 Duty & Tax free goods
1. Cassette Player/Two-in-one2. Disk man/Walkman (Audio)

3. Portable Audio CD player

4. Desktop / Laptop Computer (with Printer & UPS)

5. Video Camera

6. Still Camera

7. General/Push button/Cordless telephone Set

8. General/Electric Oven

9. Rice Cooker /Pressure Cooker

10. Blender/Juicer/Cofee Maker

11. General and Electric Type writer

12. Sewing Machine (manual)

13. Table/Pedestal Fan

14. Sports materials (for personal use)

15. 200gms gold/silver ornaments (Not more than 12 pcs of each item)

16. One Cartoon Cigarette (200 stick).

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