Bangladesh customs declaration Rules Regulation

Bangladesh customs declaration Rules and Regulation is available in IATA official website. Get the information of immigration customs duty for Bangladeshi and foreign nationals.

Get the Bangladesh customs rules and regulations of immigration customs duty for Bangladeshi and foreign nationals. From the airport, tax to be paid on departure, to importing pets, as well as rules on how much currency you may bring into and out of a country and also contact phone number. Tourists who trip Bangladesh for more than twenty-four hours and not more than six months and do not get engage in any profitable occupation can take the following items for own use.

Bangladesh Customs Rules Regulation in Airport

  • Here is some website address where visitor can get some updated information.
  • Baggage rule of Government of Bangladesh
  • NBR Baggage Rules and Regulation
  • Bengali -PDF format – National Board of Revenue
List of Taxable Baggage Items
(a) Imported goods, other than private and household things are taxable.
(b) Each is allowed two bags or suitcases not exceeding 65 kg total as personal and family luggage. However, if the 3rd number of the suitcase is of books and Magazines which are used for education reason are not taxable.
(c) Imported items which are used for profitable purposes are taxable
(d) Bangladesh nationals are not allowed to import Alcohol/Alcoholic beverages.The following things which may be introduced as personal/Household items are chargeable as per the tax mentioned in brackets.(e)The bellow mentioned items (in the following table) which may be imported as personal & household items are dutiable as per the tax mentioned in brackets.
(f)For any incoming or outgoing passenger, the amount of carry-able cash is regulated by the customs department. Incoming or outgoing passengers may carry up to 500BDT, and 5000$ or equivalent during their travel. For all information regarding the exact procedure, please follow the following document. Details regarding carry-able jewelry are also provided.
List of Dutiable Baggage Items

(1) Television, Plasma, LCD, TFT or similar technology
(a) 22” – 29”Tk. 5,000
(b) 30” – 36”Tk. 10,000
(c) 37” – 42”Tk. 20,000
(d) 43” – 46”Tk. 30,000
(e) 47” – 52”Tk. 50,000
(f) 53” and aboveTk. 70,000
(2) Home theatre
(more than 4 speakers but not higher than 8 speakers Music Center/CD/VCD/DVD/LD/MD/Blue Ray disc set)
Tk. 8,000
(3) Refrigerator/Deep FreezerTk. 5,000
(4) Air Cooler/Air Conditioner
(a)    Window TypeTk. 7,000
(b)    Split Type up to 18000 BTUTk. 15,000
(c)     Split Type above 18000 BTUTk. 20,000
(5) Dish AntennaTk. 7,000
(6) Gold Bar or Bullion
(Maximum of 234 gm or 20 Tola)
Per 11.664gm
Tk. 3000
(7) Silver bar or Bullion
(Maximum of 234 gm or 20 Tola)
Per 11.664gm
Tk. 6
(8) HD Cam, DV Cam, Beta Cam and any Camera used in Professional purposeTk. 15,000
(9) Air Gun/Air Rifle (Importable with permission of Ministry of Commerce)Tk. 5,000
(10) Candelabrum
(per point)
Tk. 300
(11) Carpet up to 15 square meters
(per square meter)
Tk. 150
(12) Dish Washer/Washing
Machine/Cloth Drier
Tk. 3,000


Duty and Tax-Free Goods (Only one for each item)

  1. Tourist Baggage (Import) Rules -1981 shall apply to visitors staying in the country for more than 24 hours but not for more than 06(six) months on condition that the visitors shall not intend to reside in the country nor shall get remunerated from within it and in that event she/he shall be allowed to import the following items without duty or tax:1. Personal imitation jewelry of value not exceeding BDT 3,000.00;
  2. One in use wrist watch;
  3. One cigarette lighter, two fountain pens, one penknife or instrument of similar use that can be carried in pocket or on person;
  4. One electric iron, portable electric plate, a hair dryer and an electric shaver; 
  5. One still camera; 
  6. One movie camera;
  7.  One cinematographic camera and a projector; 
  8.  Pair of binoculars; 
  9. One portable sound recording machine; 
  10.  One portable music system; 
  11.  One portable typewriter; 
  12. One wheel/invalid chair in use; 
  13. One perambulator or go-cart; 
  14.  Firearms or shooting and other sports accessories; 
  15.  Metal objects trophy, medallion, crests, etc; 
  16.  Clothing for personal use; 
  17.  Handbag and goods essential for traveling; 
  18. Other personal wearing apparels, makeup, and cosmetics; 
  19. Spectacles, physical aid, and travel clock;
  20.  Five photographic films and ten film plates; 
  21.  Reasonable quantity of film for movie camera; 
  22. Two rolls of film for cinematographic camera; 
  23.  Reasonable amount of toys for the use of accompanying children; 
  24.  200 sticks of cigarette or 50 cigars or half lb. of tobacco or less than half lb. of handmade cigarettes;
  25. Not more than one-third gallon of alcoholic beverages; 
  26. Half lb. of perfume and toiletries; 
  27. Not more than BDT 100 of confectionery and non-alcoholic beverages.The exemption is made with the understanding that a tourist shall re-export items 1-15 listed above. In addition he/she may import non-professional video camera and/or microcomputer with less than 1 megabyte initial random access memory and C&F value not exceeding BDT 100,000 provided the intention to re-export the said computer and/or video camera is endorsed in passport and also a written declaration of such intentions is made to the Commissioner of Customs.
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