Bangladesh Travel Information and Tourism Guide

Mahasthangarh Historical Tourist Places in Bangladesh

The page provides information about Bangladesh travel and tourism guideline for the traveler. We provide some useful website links for Bangladesh tour.
Bangladesh is south Asian country. It has seven division, 64 districts, and 468 Upazila. There are many tourist places for tourist attractions. This page highlights about Bangladesh travel information. Travel information means transportation, tourist spots descriptions, passport, visa and more. There is a ministry for travel and tourism in Bangladesh. It is known as Tourism Ministry. It has some its own hotels and motels.

Travel tips also very important for a tourist. Like which season is good for travel, how to deal with the local people, the cost of transportation and much more.

Bangladesh has four kinds of transportation. They are air, bus, river, and train. Citizen of the country needs passport and visa for traveling abroad. So all sorts of information and useful links are available on this page.

Bangladesh Travel and Tourism Guide

Airline GSA office address, contact phone numbers.

All Airport List Directory and Toll-Free telephone.

Worldwide embassy contact address phone location.

Baggage Rules
Airport Customs Baggage Rules Regulation for Bangladesh.

Hotel and Motel
Get cheap hotels motel resort in Bangladesh.

Passport Form
Download MRP Machine Readable Passport Application Form.

Visa Forms

Proper travel documents are required to visit Bangladesh. The traveler can apply for BD visa online. The govt. authorized web portal is dot bd

Tourist Spots
Interest places in Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong, Coxs Bazar.

Historical Places
Historical Spots in Bangladesh

Local Transportation
Local Transportation is the bus, train, CNG, Riksha, and Lanch.


Bengali is the main language. Educated people know English.


Ied for Muslim and Durga Puja for Hindus is the main festivals and long holidays.

Best Time to Visit

September to February is the best time to visit. April, May, and June are the hot months.

What to Wear

Mid-November to mid-February is the Winter season. Average Temperature is 20 to 10-degree Celsius. Humidity is high in summer.

What to Eat

Rice, fish, vegetables are the main food in here. Mowgli food is also very popular in Bangladesh.