Bordesshwari Kali Mandir at Rajarbag Dhaka

Bordesshwari Temple Rajarbag

Bordesshwari Kali Mandir is a temple in Dhaka city at Rajarbag under Sabujbag Thana. It si a Hindu temple and place for Cremation of Hindu Funeral.

About Bordesshwari Kali Mandir

It is specially famous for Hindu crematorium (Shamshan Ghat). Electrical pyre is not use yet. Those who believe in Sanatan religion they burn their relatives death body here for funeral.It is one of the old cemetery in Bangladesh.There is a graveyard beside the Shamshan Ghat. With this temple, there is big water tank here. Locally it is known as Gangasagar Dighi. It is near about 13 Bhagha. There is a Legend, the big pond was dig by King Manshingha, the Great army chief of Indian emperor Akbor.

Contact Address and Location

There is a school, known as Avoy Binodini High School near it. It is near to Kamlapur railway station. Means it is half kilometer from Kamlapur Buddha Mondir. Area of this temple is near 10.32 Ekor. There are some other temples also here, they are Shva Templs, kali Temple, Loknath Temple, Shitola Mandir.

Bordeshwari Maha Shamshan Ghat
Rajarbag, Basaboo,Sabujbag,

Nearest Places

Kamlapur Buddha Mandir
Kamlapur Railway Jantion