Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple in Sylhet Bangladesh

Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple is one of the most preferred Hindu tourist spots in Sylhet Bangladesh. It is famous for its architectural and religious atmosphere.

History of Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple in Sylhet

The temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangladesh. It is a 500-year-old temple. The temple is about 45 kilometers away from the heart of the town. The place is honored by the people as it is ancestral of Sri Chaitanya Dev. He belonged to the Vaishnava sect. Every year thousands of visitors from all over the world come to visit the spot as a landmark of Hindu religion.

Major Tourist Attractions

The remnants of this ancient architecture will surely fascinate you. In every Falgun, a month of Bengali calendar, a big fair is arranged in front of the temple. At that time the temple takes a very festive look. The month of Falgun usually starts from February to March.

How to Get to the Spot

  • If you want to go the tourist spot from Dhaka, you may take both railway and bus services. There are many bus services available from both Gabtoli and Saidabad bus station.

  • If you take bus service, you will have to get down from the bus at Kodomtoli bus station, Sylhet. It may take about 5 hours to reach Sylhet from Dhaka. From there you will find all kinds of vehicles that will get you to the tourist spot.

  • The spot is located in the Golapganj Upazila of Sylhet which is about 45 kilometers away from the Sylhet Sadar.

Accommodation and Food

There are not many hotels and restaurants near to the tourist spot. Hence, you may have to go the Sylhet Sadar for accommodation and food. Most of the hotels and restaurants of Sylhet is located near to the Mazar or Dargah. You may consider the following hotels and restaurants:

  • Rose View Hotel- Shahajalal Upashahar Main Road

  • Hotel Supreme and Exotica Restaurant- East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are many tourist attractions near to Sri Chaitanya Dev Temple which you may consider visiting on the same day. Some of them  given below:

  • Mazar of Shahajalal

  • Mazar of Shahaporan

  • Shahi Eidgah

  • Ratargul

  • Lawachara National Park

Place / Location / Area / Other important Notes

  • Division-Sylhet
  • District -Sylhet
  • Upazila-Golapganj
  • 45 km from Sylhet Sadar
  • Travel from Dhaka: Mainly bus and private car
  • Postal code Golapganj-3100

The beauty of this ancient architecture and its surroundings will surely attract you and make you come over and over.

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