Comilla Tourist Attraction and Places in Bangladesh

Shalbon Bihar Comilla
 Comilla Tourist Attraction is Maynamati War Cemetery, Shalbon Bihar, and Mura. Comilla is an old city and has rich civilization.

Comilla Tourist Attraction and Places


Comilla BARD
Comilla BARD

BARD is a name of a Bangladeshi organization in Comilla. It means Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD). The institution works for research and training of local people rural development. It is at Kotbari Mainamati-Lalmai area 10 km from Comilla town. The campus covers 156 acres of land. There is training campus, mosque, rest house,  library, restaurant, auditorium, pay ground, small hills, and open space. The main planner of this BARD is Dr. Akhtar Hameed Khan.  It is a good place for a tourist.

Dharma Sagar

Dharma Sagar is a well know big pond in Bangladesh. Big ponds are known in Bangladesh as Dighi or Sagar. It is situated in the middle of Comilla city near Comilla Mohila Mohabidhalay and Rani Kutir. There is a park beside the pond. The pond was dug by the Tripura’s King Dharma Manikya in (1714-1732). Before there was an island in the middle of the Dighi. This Digi is in now Comilla Municipal Corporation. Every year there is a Mela near Dhormo Sagor Dighi and Nouka Baich in Pohela Boishakh.

Nazrul Institution

Nazrul Institution Center is in Comilla town; Rani Kuthir is beside this and behind Rani Kutir there is a Dighi, it is called Dharma Sagar. It is a newly built house. Now it is used for art and culture activities. Guest house facilities are here. Comilla is the hometown of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam.

Matri Vandar

Comilla Matri Vandar is a sweet shop. This shop is in the main city. It is famous for Rosmalai and very delicious. Rash Malay. Malayi is basically made by local cow milk and sugar. The place is known as Kandir par. They have only one branch in Bangladesh. But you will find lots of outlet at many places at Comilla. They do not allow sweet to eat in their shop. Only can buy. Opposite of it there is a kali mandir. The shop has established on 1930. All travelers taste this sweet, when they are in this town.

Rani Kuthir

Rani Kuthir is in Comilla town, Nazrul Institute is beside this and behind Rani Kutir there is a Dighi, it is called Dharma Sagar. Once This house was allocated for Dr. Acther Hamid Khan, who was the main planner of Comilla BARD. Now it is used for art and culture activities.

War Cemetery Comilla

Maynamati War Cemetery Comilla Tourist Attraction It is near Maynamati cantonment in Comilla. Second World War  9 war cemeteries were built in Myanmar, Asam, and Bangladesh. Among them, two are located in Bangladesh, and one is in Comilla, and the other is in Chittagong. There are now 736 graveyards who died in the world war from 1939 to 1945  (UK 357, Canada 12, Australia 12, Newzealand 4, South Africa 1, India 178, East Africa 56, West Africa 86, Burma (Myanmar) 1, Belgium 1, Poland 1, Japan 24, Rhodesia 3). It opens whole the year. Only 4 days in a year it close.


Chandimura mandir is one of the oldest Temple in Bangladesh. It is at Lalmai Comilla. This Mandir has been established in 7th century by Provabati Debi, wife of a Buddhist king Devkharag. Chandimura. It has two Mandir. One is for Lord Shiva and another is for Goddess Chandi. It is also known as Chandi Mura Shebasram . Temple is situated very near to Comilla-Chandpur highway in Lalmai.

Sri Sri Rajesshwari kali Bari

Sri Sri Rajesshwari kali Bari is in Comilla town at Kandirpar road. Tripura Moharaj Ratna Maniko Bahadur has built it in 1702. The stone statues of Kali has brought from Vanarasi, India.

Pubali Bank

Pubali Bank Main Branch Building is in the middle of Comilla. it is an old building. At the time of British-India, it was a branch office of Bank of Tripura.

About Comilla

Comilla ( কুমিল্লা ) is a district of Bangladesh under Chittagong Division, located about 100 kilometers southeast of Dhaka. This was established in 1790. It has 16 Upazilas and 27 municipality wards. It is surrounded by Brahmanbaria and Narayanganj districts on the north side, India on the east, Noakhali and Feni on the south, Munshiganj, and Chandpur on the west. This place was visited by Poet Rabindranath Tagore, Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, and Mahatma Gandhi.It is on the bank of Ghumti.
Upazilas and Thanas

  1. Barura
  2. Brahmanpara
  3. Burichong
  4. Chandina
  5. Chauddagram
  6. Daudkandi
  7. Debidwar
  8. Homna
  9. Comilla Sadar
  10. Laksam
  11. Monohorgonj
  12. Meghna
  13. Muradnagar
  14. Nangalkot
  15. Comilla Sadar South
  16. Titas

Important Information

  • Area:: 3085.17 square kilometers
  • Currency        :: Taka (BDT)
  • Postal Code:: 3500
  • NWD Code:: 081
  • ISD Code:: 0088

List of Top Comilla Tourist Attraction

    • Ananda Bazar Palaces
    • Bakhrabad Gas Field
    • Comilla Zilla School
    • Kort-Bari
    • Lakeshore Lake
    • Lalmay Hills
    • Meghna-Gomoti Bridge
    • Moynamoti
    • Moynamoti Museum
    • Shalbon Amorous Diversion
    • Town Hall Memorial
    • Victoria College
    • Archaeological Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces
    • Hatiabhanga Fort (Daudkandi)
    • Palaces of Bhoj King,
    • Pashchimgaon Nawab Bari
    • Mazar / Tomb / Graveyard / Dargah / Mosque
    • Mazars of Panch Pir (five saints) at Shashidal (Brahmanpara, 1815)
    • Shah Suja Mosque
    • Saitshala Jami Mosque (Brahmanpara, 1719)
    • Mura
    • Kotila Mura is about 5 km north of Salban Vihara surrounded by the Comilla Cantonment
    • Charpatra Mura is a shrine about 2.5 km. northwest of kotila Mura stupas.
    • Charandra Mura
    • Rupban Mura
    • Itakhola Mura 
    • Satera Ratna Mura
    • Hindus Temples and Mandirs
    • Chandala Shiva Mandir (Brahmanpara, eighteenth century)
    • Chandimata Mandir (on the top of Lalmai Hill of Barura)
    • Hasnabad Math
    • Harimangal Math (Brahmanpara, 1822)
    • Jagannath Bari Temple and Lake
    • Ramnagar elongated Math (Brahmanpara, 1705)
    • Saitshala Rammahan Mandir (Brahmanpara, 1805)
    • Saptaratna Mandir (Jagannath Mandir)

Transportation and Communication 

Car, bus, and train are primary transportation to reach in Comilla. You can get direct gate lock AC bus services. The main bus terminal in Comilla is Shashongachha or Jangalia bus terminal and station rd is the BRTC bus counter. Generally from Dhaka bus starts from  Saidabad and BRTC counter from Kamlapur bus stop.From Saydabad bus also available.  It takes  2.5 to 3.5 hours to reach Comilla. The bus is available after every 20 minutes. The train station is in Dhaka Kamlapur.

Hotel and Accommodation 

Hotels are available in Shachangacha, Kandirpar, Rail gate area.Name of shopping place is New Market and Kandirpar.

Weather / Climate and Temperature

  • Highest average temperature:   June 34.3°c Celsius
  • Lowest Average temperature:   January, 12.7°c Celsius.
  • The average amount of rainfall is  2551 mm.

The place is famous for bank and tank. Comilla Tourist Attraction is known for historical and archeological sites. It was with the Tripura State in British India.