Dhaka Literary Festival will statr on 17 November at Bangla Academy

Dhaka Literary Festival 2016 will start on 17 November at Bangla Academy, Dhaka. DLF is its short name. Online registration is required to join the program. The motto of the event is the resurgence of Bangladeshi literary culture while vigorously engaging other cultures far beyond our borders.


This event is free for all. It is a three-day long program. Online Registration is required to join the program.  Dhaka-litfest is the official website for applying. Registration is a prerequisite and e-tickets must be presented every time when entering the venue during the 3-day event. E-tickets are acceptable in any format (Print or on an electronic device). Gates will open at 8:30 am every day.

Dhaka Literary Festival – DLF

Nobel laureate VS Naipaul will inaugurate Dhaka Literary Festival at 11:00 am on Thursday on November 17, 2016. Over 200 talents and more than 60 guests of literary world from 18 countries across the globe will be attending the event.

The primary objective of the festival is to publicize Bengali literature and culture in world literature and the world in Bangladesh. It will be a festival for those interested in literature, as well as prominent writers and journalists from various countries. The festival has inspired two literary magazines in English and three new impressions of English fiction in Dhaka.

VENUE: – Bangla Academy Dhaka, Bangladesh

DATE: – 17 November – 19 November 2016

Events Time: 9.00am – 7.30pm

Official website: www.dhakalitfest.com

The event is very important for Bangladeshi intellectuals. they can make a relation worldwide with the literary people. Another  festival is Bengal music festival in month November at Army Stadium, Dhaka.