Bangladesh Home Economics College Admission Dhaka

Bangladesh Education Information

Bangladesh Home Economics College is one of the reputed Women colleges in Bangladesh situated in Green Road, Dhaka. The nickname of the college is BHEC.

History and Background

The college was established in the year 1996 with a view to imparting knowledge to the women and promoting women education in Bangladesh. The institution has been operating with goodwill for 16 years since its establishment in educating women. The college has huge contribution in the advancement of the Bangladeshi women in the field of science, technology, education and business. Along with academic education the college also offers a lot of training programs for the women. The college is listed by UGC and MPO. The college is monitored by University of Dhaka. The courses are offered under the Biology Department of University of Dhaka.

Subjects and Departments

The departments of the institute include food and nutrition, home management and housing, child development and social relationship, related art, clothing and textile. The courses are conducted with qualified and skilled teachers with quality study materials.

Facilities Available for the Students

The college has a large library with thousands of different books, magazines and journals. It has laboratory to provide practical knowledge to the students. There is a huge conference room where various seminars take places. The seminar can accommodate thousands of people.

Admission Procedure and Eligibility

The college provides the following degrees. The name and duration is given below:

  1. 4 years duration B.Sc. (Hon’s)
  2. 3 years duration B.Sc. (Pass)
  3. 1 year duration M.Sc. (Preliminary)
  4. 1 year duration M.Sc. (Final)

The students have to pay Tk. 5000 at the time of admission and submit required documents determined by the college authority.
B.Sc. Hon’s course will cost Tk. 145000 to complete the course and will cost 35000 per year. B.Sc. Pass course will cost about Tk. 100000. The M.Sc. courses will cost Tk. 33600 to complete.

Campus Contact Address and Location

146/4, Green Road, Dhaka
Phone Number: 02 9141333
Mobile Number: 01716-160686
Official Website:
For more information regarding the college please visit the official website of the college or contact with the college office with given contact address and numbers.