Iftar Sehri Times and Schedule for Muslim in Dhaka Bangladesh

Ramadan Calendar Sehri and Iftar Timing

Iftar Sehri Times is very important for Muslim for Namaz. Muslim keeps Roza in Ramadan. This year in Bangladesh, it may start 27th of May in  2017 on Saturday and it will end Sunday, the 25th of June.

Iftar Sehri

Find today’s Bangladesh Ramadan (Roza) Sehri and Iftar fasting time table and schedule in Bangladesh major cities and villages for Hanafi (Sunni) and five Jafria (Shia). Ramadan Mubarak will begin on June 19 June 14( Hijri Year 1435 ) with the confirmation of moon sight by the Islamic Foundation Bangladesh. The Sehri or Iftar timing depends on Sunrise. Iftar times correspond to Maghrib times as soon as possible after Maghrib Azan. This Ramadan calendar timetable will be kept for the whole of Ramazan.

Mainly national Chad Dekha committee, Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh declared the date when Ramazan would start. Muslims start keeping fasting until next moon rise. The day is called Eid-ul-Fitr. Ramadan is the holy month for Muslim. They do fasting for the month and seeking forgiveness to Almighty Allah. This month is divided into three parts, one is Rahamam, other two are Magh­ferat and Najata.

Iftar Sehri Times in the month of Ramadan

Muslim breaks fasting at evening at Maghrib Azan. They take different types of food and share it together.

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