Kantajew Temple at Kantanagar Dinajpur Bangladesh

Bangladesh Top Tourist Spot

Kantajew Temple (কান্তজীউ মন্দির) is one of the ancient architects Hindu temple in Bangladesh. The temple is also known as Kantanagar Temple. It si located in Dinajpur.

History and Background

Kantajew temple is located in the beautiful countryside of Dinajpur district of Bangladesh. It is a fascinating religious architecture and surely one of the most impressive Hindu monuments in Bangladesh. The temple was built in 1704-1752 AD. It was established by a renowned maharaja named Pran Nath. However, the construction of this temple was completed by his son Raja Ramnath. Every year, thousands of visitors come to Dinajpur to visit this wonderful temple.

Importance of this Place

The ancient architecture is very important because it bears the history of hundreds of years of this region. It also shows the ability and quality of construction capability of the people of this region.

Major Attractions of this Site

The temple contains many terracotta designs in its walls. The designs are simply amazing and fascinate the visitors. You will find Terracotta designs outside the temple. There are also a lot of sculptures of various God and Goddess. There are total 7 domes in the temple.

Transportation and Communication

The visitors can go to Kantajew Temple from Dhaka by bus, train and aero route. A lot of bus services are available from Dhaka that provides Dhaka to Dinajpur trip. After reaching Dinajpur, you will have to go to the tourist site by bus or other available vehicles.
A train named Drutojan Express leaves from Comolapur Railway Station for Dinajpur. The number of the train is 757.
You can also reach Dinajpur in aero route. In this case, you will have to land on Saidpur Airport, Dinajpur, which is the smallest airport in Bangladesh.
Nearest Tourist Spots
The nearest tourist spots include Barapukuria Coal Mine located in Chowhati, Dinajput. Dinajpur Raj family is another tourist attraction. You can also visit the Shapnapuri Theme Park for recreation.

Accommodation and Food

There are many hotels and motels where the tourists can stay during the visit of the place. List of Hotels with Email and Phone number is given below:There are many other hotels in Dinajpur, You will find all kinds of foods and beverages in these hotels and restaurants along with comfortable accommodation.
Famous Hotels Include-

  • FPAB Guest House, Ghashipara
  • Pollisree, Babulbari


Location of Kantajew Temple
Kantanagar, Kaharole, Dinajpur-5200
About 353 Kilometres away from Dhaka.