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Kishorganj Tourist Attractions are Jangalbari Fort and Shah Mahmud Mosque. Now the district is with Dhaka division.

Kishorganj (কিশোরগঞ্জ) is a district under Dhaka Division. It is in southern part of Bangladesh. Area is 2688.62 square kilometers. The district consists of four unicipalities, 39 wards, 145 mahallas, 13 upazilas, 105 union parishads, 946 mouzas and 1775 villages.The name Kishoregonj came from NondoKishore Pramanik, was a landlord there. Kishoreganj district was established in 1984. Solakia eid Gha is in this town.

Upazilla / Thana / Sub – Districts 

  • Astagram
  • Bajitpur
  • Bhairab
  • Hossainpur
  • Itna
  • Karimganj
  • Katiadi
  • Kishoreganj Sadar
  • Kuliarchar
  • Mithamain
  • Nikli
  • Pakundia
  • Tarail

List of Top Kishorganj Tourist Attractions

  1. Botanical Garden at Bhairab (on the bank of the Meghna).
  2. UK Friendship Bridge (Bhairab),
  3. Jaharul Islam Medical College
  4. Archaeological heritage and Historical Royal Palaces
  5. Bhairab Railway Bridge (Bhairab),
  6. Darbar Hall
  7. Egarasindhur fort (fifteenth century)
  8. Hazrat Nagor Royal Palace
  9. Historical Sholakia Idhgah,
  10. Jangalbari fort (fifteenth century),
  11. Pramanik Bhaban and Lake,
  12. Poet Chandraboty Shibmondir,
  13. Residence of Poet Sukumar Roy
  14. Mazar / Tomb / Graveyard / Dargah / Mosque
  15. Badshahi Mosque at Itna (seventeenth century),
  16. Bhagalpur Dewan Bari Mosque at Bajitpur (eighteenth century),
  17. Gurai Mosque at Bajitpur (1680),
  18. Hazrat Samsuddin Bokhari Mosque Kurikhai at Katiadi (1005),
  19. Jinda Bibir Mazar,
  20. Jawar Saheb Bari Mosque at Tarail (1534),
  21. Kutub Shah Mosque at Austagram (1538)
  22. Mosque of Isha Kha,
  23. Pagla Mosque,
  24. Sadi mosque (1652),
  25. Salanka Jame Mosque at Pakundia,
  26. Sekandarnagar Mosque at Tarail (eighteenth century),
  27. Shah Mahmud Mosque and Balakhana,
  28. Solakia eid Gha (Kishoreganj Sadar)
  29. Hindus Temples and Mondirs
  30. Dilir Akhra
  31. Chandrabati Shiva Mondir (sixteenth century),
  32. Ganda Sundari Temple
  33. Nataraj Shiva Sculpture discovered at Nikli (fourteenth century)

Bordered and Bounded By

  • Netrokona and Mymensingh districts on the north
  • Narsingdi district on the southwest
  • Brahmanbaria district on the southeast
  • Sunamganj and Habiganj districts on the east
  • Gazipur and Mymensingh districts on the west

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