Bangla Lalon Song Free Download of Different Artists

Bangla Lalon Song is very popular to Bangladesh and West Bengal people. A music lover can download mp3  and listen from online. Farida Parvin is one of the famous singer and artists of Lalon Lyrics.

Bangla Lalon Song

Fakir Laon Shah Mazar Complex Kushtia

Lalon (ফকির লালন সাঁই) is Bengali Baul saint. He was a songwriter, social reformer, and thinker.  He is most popular as Lalon Shah or Lalon Fakir. He wrote many songs, and these songs are known as Lalon Geeti. He was born in 1774 and died on 17 October 1890 in Kushtia district, Bangladesh. He is known as the Baul Samrat. Rabindra Sangeet also got inspiration from his music and philosophy. His music is famous like Nazrul Sangeet, folk music, Lok Geeti.

His music is very popular in the young society. Young people make band group on the based of his song. There are a lot of famous artist in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India on Lalon Fakir. Farida Parveen, Anusheh Anadil, Beauty are the top singer of Fakir Lalon Lyrics.
The listener can download music video from online. Here is some website list of his songs of the different artist. It is also available on YouTube.
CD, DVD, and MP3 albums are available in Eastern Plaza, Dhaka.


Bangla Lalon Song in YouTube

Lalon philosophy based on humanism. His songs inspire the total human race to upgrade soul.

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