Lawachara National Park a dream for Tracker in Sreemangal Maulvi Bazar

Lawachhara National Forest
 Lawachara National Park is a Forest. It is a major national park and one of the important and well-preserved forests in Maulvi Bazar, Bangladesh.

About Lawachara National Park

Biological diversity in the Lawachara National Park consists of 460 species, of which 167 species are plants, four amphibian species, six reptile species, 246 bird species, 20 mammal species, and 17 insect species. One of this is the critically endangered western hoolock gibbons, of which only 62 individuals remain in the area.Here tourist may see Gibbons swimming throughout the trees and birds like bee-eater owls parrot. It is an excellent habitat for Deer, leopard, wild chicken, squirrel, and Python. The terrain is hilly, and vegetation is comparatively dark. Only one rare Chloroform tree of Asia is here and a prime attraction of travel.
Lawachara National Park
Lawachhara National Forest
Visitors are not permitted to stay in the jungle after 1700 hour. The only accommodation to my knowledge is the rest house of Forrest department. It is advised to stay in Srimongol city. Entrance fee is 27 Taka for Bangladeshi Nationals and 5USD (in the local currency) for foreigners. For Bangladeshi students fee is 10 Taka, but need to show a student ID card.
There is a Kashia village inside the forest. Tourist guide helps to visit the place. Dhaka-Sylhet train line has gone through the rain forest.

Important Notes

  • Division-Sylhet
  • District -Maulvi Bazar
  • Upazila-Srimongal
  • 60 km from Sylhet
  • 8 kilometres from the town of Sreemangal.
  • 160 km northeast of Dhaka
  • Transportation=>Travel from Dhaka bus,train and private car
  • Accommodation=> In hotel, bungalow, govt. rest house are available
  • Postal code Srimangal-3210

How to Go

From Dhaka, bus and train are the main transportation. It is in Srimongal Upazila under Maulvibazar District. The place is near Grand Sultan Hotel.

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