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Mymensingh Tourist Spots and Attractions List in Bangladesh

Mymensingh Tourist Spots are Agricultural University, Bokaynagar Fort, Maharaj Shashikanta house and more. The town is on the bank of the Bamhputra river. Mymensingh Gitika is a great literary resource in Bangla literature.

District Information

Mymensingh (ময়মনসিংহ) is a divisional headquarter of Mymensingh Division. It is north part of Bangladesh. It was named on Raja Man Singh, a Navaratnas Great Emperor Akbar. Government district web portal is
The area is 4363.48 sq km. The district was established in 1787. Later on, it was divided into six districts. Jamalpur, Mymensingh, Sherpur, and Netrokona are with this division.
It is bounded by Garo Hills and the Meghalaya state of India on the north, Gazipur district on the south,  Sherpur, Jamalpur and Tangail districts on the west, Netrokona and Kishoreganj districts on the east.
The District consists of 8 municipalities, 12 Upazilas, 146 Union Parishads, 84 wards, 206 Mahallas, 2201 Mouzas and 2709 villages. Upazilas are Bhaluka, Dhobaura, Fulbaria, Gaffargaon, Gauripur, Haluaghat, Ishwarganj, Muktagachha, Mymensingh Sadar, Nandail, Phulpur, and Trishal.

Mymensingh Tourist Spots

There is the list of top and famous tourist places and attractions for visitors in Mymensingh. The place is rich for archaeological Heritage and historic Royal Palaces.

  • Fulbaria Upazila
  • Anai Bazar Dighi,
  • Bibir Ghar at Putijana Union.
  • Bhaluka Upazila
  • Ruins of Neelkuthi at Birunia,
  • Neshaiganj Mosque,
  • Mosque at Bhaluka Bazar on the bank of river Khiru.
  • Nandail Upazila
  • Muazzamabad Mosque (1493-1519)
  • Tomb and khanqa of Jahangir Shah at Jahangirpur village
  • Dhobaura Upazila
  • Mughal Mosque and Pathar Kata Dighi at village Darsha,
  • Kamaksha Mandir at village Ghoshgaon,
  • Vishnu statue of black basalt weighing 40 kg 500 gm (in the museum)
  • Dharma Shah Dighi at village Langal Jora.
  • TrishalUpazila
  • Jami Mosque at Darirampur (Mughal period)
  • Rajbari at village Sankibhanga in Mokshapur union
  • Gauripur Upazila
  • Mud-built defense wall of the capital of Umar Khan (seventeenth century),
  • Tomb of heroin Sakina at Maoha (seventeenth century),
  • Kellah Bokainagar Shahi Mosque (built by Khwaja Usman Gani during the reign of Emperor Alamgir)
  • Single domed Isulia Jami Mosque (Mughal era)
  • Muhuria Jami Mosque (Mughal period),
  • Mosque at village Kumrigram (built by Dewan Umar Khan).
  • Muktagachha Upazila
  • Bhuiyanbari Mosque
  • Gopal and Shiva Mandir at the Atani Zamindar Bari (18th century)
  • Anandamoyee Kali and Shiva Mandir
  • Lakshmikhola Shiva Mandir
  • Tomb of Kutub Shah at Kutubpur
  • Joyen Shah tomb at Rasulpur
  • Tomb of Kali Shah Dewan.
  • Muktagacha Jamidar Bari
  • Rajbaris of Gauripur
  • Ishwarganj Upazila
  • Bhulsoma Jami Mosque (1600)
  • Naluapara Jami Mosque (1625)
  • Gaffargaon Upazila
  • Tomb and Dighi of Kalu Shah,
  • Dui Satiner Dighi (Dighi of two fellow wives),
  • Dighir Par Mosque (1392 AD),
  • Lakshmi Narayan Jeu Mandir (1335 BS),
  • Kali Mandir at Shibganj (Sultanate period)
  • Haluaghat Upazila
  • গোবড়াকুড়া কয়লা ডিপো
    সাধু আন্দ্রিয়ের মিশন
    শ্রী শ্রী কামাক্ষা মন্দির
    কড়াইতলী স্থল বন্দর
    হাতির বিচরনকৃত পাহাড়
    সাধু আন্দ্রিয়ের মিশন
    কংশ নদী
    কাচার খাঁ দীঘি।
    ঐতিহ্যবাহী কাউলাড়া পুকুর
    ধারা মিয়া বাড়ী।
  • Mymensingh Sadar
  • Collection of Joynul Abedin
  • Kobi Nazrul University
  • Nazrul Academy
  • Women Cadet College
  • Shashi Lodge
  • রাজ রাজেশ্বরী ওয়াটার ওয়ার্কস
  • Mymensingh Town Hall
  • Mymenshing Museum, Bijoypur
  • Anandamohan College
  • House of Maharaj Shashikanta,
  • Alexandra Castle and Gospel Church
  • Raj Rajeswari Water Tank,
  • Agricultural University
  • Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
  • Fisheries research institute at Mymensingh
  • Manuscript of the Mahabharata
  • Vishnu statue made of black basalt
  • Manuscript of the Gitagovinda of Joydev
  • Manuscript of the poems of chandidas
  • Photocopy of the first postal stamp
  • Sword of the zamindar of Muktagachha
  • World Map (1645)
  • Map of the greater Mymensingh (1779) by Kedarnath Majumder
  • Durgabari Temple (1867)
  • Shiva Temple (nineteenth century)
  • Shambhuganj Railway Bridge
  • Others
  • গারো পাহাড়-ঘোষগাঁও ইউনিয়ন, ধোবাউড়া, ময়মনসিংহ।
  • Graveyard of Nizamuddin Aulia
  • Bokaynagar Fort

How to Go Mymensingh

From morning to night, there is bus service to Mymensingh. Buses are available from Mohakhali Bus Terminal. Train service is also there from Kamlapur Train Station.

Districts Under Mymensingh Division

Mymensingh Tourist Spots have held a rich background of Bangladesh history. Once Kazi Nazrul Islam visited the place.

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