Natore Tourist Spots and Destinations in Bangladesh

Natore Raj Bari

Natore Tourist Spots are Begunbaria Zamindar Bari, Dighapatia Rajbari, Chalan Beel and more. This district is also famous for mango. The district is under Rajshahi Division.

Natore Tourist Spots Raj Bari
Natore Raj Bari

About Natore District

Natore is a district under Rajshahi Division located in northern part of Bangladesh. It borders the metropolitan city of Rajshahi and used to be part of Rajshahi district. Natore is 220 Km away from Dhaka. Uttara Gano Bhaban is in Natore, earlier known as Natore Rajbari, is now used as the Prime Minister’s local residence and office in the northern region of Bangladesh. In 1845 Natore Mahakuma was established. Most of Natore is plain land. Chalan Beel, the largest beel in Bangladesh is in part of Natore district. In here Lalpur is the lowest average annual rainfall area of Bangladesh. It was declared as a district on Feb-4, 1984. It consists of 6 Upazilas, 8 Pourashavas, 52 Unions & 1366 Villages.

List of Top Natore Tourist Spots

  1. Natore Sadar
  2. DighaPatia Royal Palace (Uttara Ganobhabon)
  3. Rani Bhabanir Royal Palace and Museum
  4. Natore Adhunik Stadium
  5. Joykali Mandir at Harwara
  6. Madanmohan Rath made of copper (Madhabnagar),
  7. Vishnu statue of gorur (prince of birds) as his mounts (Kuriapara)
  8. Bagatipara Upazila
  9. Dayarampur Rajbari
  10. Neelkuthibari  – (Noashera),
  11. Nurpur Zamindarbari (1882)
  12. Mazar of Hazrat Shah Mokarram Danishmand (R)
  13. Galimpur Zamindarbari (1926),
  14. Begunia Zamindarbari (1911),
  15. Bara Bagha Mazar Sharif (1851),
  16. Singra Upazila
  17. Chalan Beel
  18. Temple of Sree Sree Radharaman,
  19. Sree Sree Narayan Bigraha Thakur
  20. Deb Bigraha (1890).
  21. LalPur Upazila
  22. Sahid Sagor
  23. Shahi Mosques at Mominpur,
  24. Mazar and mosque of Shah Bagu Dewan (R) of Mughal period at Bhellabari
  25. Budh Para Kali Mandir and Zamindar Bari,
  26. Sree Fakir Chand Gosai Asram at Pansi Para (BS 1217)
  27. Arbab Saraikhana and Mosque (Sher Shah,s period)
  28. Arjun Para Pond and Building
  29. fort and military barrack at Gharer Vita
  30. Neelkuthi at Lalpur and Bilmaria
  31. Baraigram Upazila
  32. St.Merry Catholic Church
  33. Ancient copper plate in Nagar Union (415-455)
  34. Ancient statue of Parnasharbari
  35. Mughal fort
  36. Durga Mandir and Shiva Mandir (BS. 1212) in Joari Union
  37. Ancient Joykali Mandir at Haroa
  38. Ancient mosque (Nawabi period) at Ahmadpur
  39. Old Zaminder Bari and Shiva Mandir in Baraigram Union
  40. Dargah of Sona Pir at Noabari
  41. Santoil palace in Chandi Union
  42. Old Gunaihati Mosque
  43. French stone inscription in Majgaon Union
  44. Gurudaspur Upazila
  45. Museum at village Khubjipur (1978)
  46. Chalan Beel Museum
  47. Mosque at village Palshura Patpara,
  48. Mughal Mosque at village Piplar
  49. Kusumhati Mosque (Sultanate period)
  50. Chapila Shahi Mosque
  51. Gopinathpur Jami Mosque
  52. Others
  53. Beautiful village of Moshinda
  54. Gopal temple
  55. Graveyard of Hazrat Kubir Shah
  56. Modoner Pukur Par
  57. North Bengal Sugar Mills
  58. Pagla Raja’s Palace (Jubo Park)
  59. Pran-Agro Limited

District Travel and Tourism Information for Travelers

Area1,900.19Square Kilometers
Main RiverPadma, Baral, Mara Baral, Baranai, Gurh, Chalan beel
Border ByNaogaon and Bogra districts on the north, Pabna and Kushtia on the south, Pabna and Sirajganj on the east, Rajshahi on the west.
Geo Position / Location24.41°N 88.93°E
  • Baraigram
  • Bagatipara
  • Gurudaspur
  • Lalpur
  • Naldanga
  • Natore Sadar
  • Singra
Highest average temperature:37.8°c Celsius
Lowest average temperature:11.2°c Celsius.
The average amount of rainfall is 1862 mm.
HotelsList of district wise accommodations and rest houses
Postal Code6400
NWD Code0771
ISD Code0088
CurrencyTaka (BDT)
BD Govt.

Natore Tourist Spots are countless because the land is older than another part of Bangladesh.

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