Top List of Netrokona tourist spots and Attractions in Bangladesh

Tomb of Hazrat Shah Sultan Kamruddin Rumi (R) at Madanpur

Netrokona tourist spots are China Matir Pahar, Royailabari Fort , Birishiri, Hawor and much more. The place is also famous for aboriginal community.

Netrokona District Information

Netrokona ( নেত্রকোনা ) is a district under Mymensingh Division. It is in the Northern part of Bangladesh, Near the Himalayan border. It was turned into a district in 1984. Netrokona Pouroshaba (Main City ) consists of 9 wards and 33 mahallas.   There are four rivers in Netrokona. They are Kangsha, Dhala, Magra, and Teorkhali.


There are 10 Upazilas in this district. They are Atpara, Barhatta, Durgapur, Kalmakanda, Kendua, Khaliajuri, Madan, Mohanganj, Netrokona Sadar, and Purbadhala. Durgapur Upazila, near the Indian border.


The district is bounded by Kishoreganj district on the south, the Meghalaya state of India on the north,  Sunamganj district on the east and Mymensingh district on the west.

List of Top Netrokona tourist spots

  1. Netrokona Sadar Upazila
  2. White Clay Field of Bijoypur,
  3. Ranikong Mission
  4. Tomb of Hazrat Shah Sultan Kamruddin Rumi (R) at Madanpur
  5. Atpara
  6. Three domed Saramushia-Haripur Mosque (Mughal period),
  7. Remnants of Roy Bari (zamindar) of Rameshwarpur
  8. Buddhist Math at Krishnapur of Atpara
  9. Kalmakanda Upazila
  10. Tomb of Monai Shah at village Battala
  11. Tombs of seven Freedom Fighters’ at Lengura
  12. Baarhatta Upazila
  13. Twin Pond at village Amghail Pirijpur,
  14. Deva Mandir at Singdha,
  15. dilapidated building at Saoudpur (Mughal period).
  16. Durgapur
  17. Birishiri
  18. Ancient mosque at village Maskandha (Sultanate period)
  19. Palace of Maharaja at Susang Durgapur
  20. Khaliajuri Upazila
  21. পাচঁহাট জামে মসজিদ
  22. খণকা সাহেবের মাজার
  23. Kendua Upazila
  24. Roailbari Jalal Mosque
  25. Ancient Fort (Roailbari union)
  26. Kali Mandir and Dighi at Danachapuri
  27. Jafarpur Khoaj Mosque
  28. Madan Upazila
  29. Mosque built in Mughal period (Chandgaon Union)
  30. Tomb of Bura Pir
  31. Mohanganj Upazila
  32. Ancient fort at village Betham (Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah period)
  33. Shekher Bari Mosque (Hussain Shah period)
  34. Daulatpur Temple (876 BS)
  35. Others
  36. Bathbar Hawor
  37. Beder Dighi
  38. Garo Hill
  39. Kamala Rani Dighi
  40. Khoja Dighi (pond)
  41. Landscape of Gobindrapur Hill
  42. Monument of Tonka Movement

How to go

Name of the main bus terminal is Mahakhali from Dhaka. Buses are available from morning to night. There is train communication with Dhaka from Kamlapur railway station. There is no airport in this district.


Hotels are very cheap in here. Government people are usually using circuit house. At Bisiri there is a YMCA rest house.