List of Top Rajshahi Tourist Spots and Attractions Bangladesh

Puthia Temple Complex

Rajshahi Tourist Spots are Puthia Temple, Godagari Royal Palace and more. Mainly this town is known as education city. Rajshahi, one of the oldest city of Bangladesh is full scenic beauty and historical background. It is the western metropolitan city and the main center of Rajshahi division.

Rajshahi District Information

“Rajshahi” this word comes from two different forms. One is Rajas (from Hindu Maharajas and zamindars), and other is personalized, Shahi. These two words hold up the meaning “Kingdom”.In 1991, this big city was named as the City Corporation.

Rajshahi is about 2407 square kilometers in area dimension, and the big river Padma flows southern side of this city. Naogaon rounds the city to the north, Natore to the east and Chapai Nawabganj to the south. Some other rivers also flow across this metropolitan city named as Mahananda, Baral and Barnai rivers.This city has about 2.3 million people living on the land.

This district is divided into nine sub-districts/Upazilas. These are Bagha, Baghmara, Charghat, Durgapur, Godagari, Mohanpur, Paba, Puthia and Tanore. This city is known as “Silk City” because of large production of Resham (silk), and the National Silk Board is situated here.

Districts of Rajshahi

Upazilas and Thana under Rajshahi Dist

Bagha Upazila
Bagmara Upazila
Charghat Upazila
Durgapur Upazila
Godagari Upazila
Mohanpur Upazila
Paba Upazila
Puthia Upazila
Tanore Upazila
Boalia Thana
Matihar Thana
Rajpara Thana
Shah Makdam Thana

List of Top Rajshahi Tourist Spots

Rajshahi city is full of interesting places and tourists spots. Every year lots of tourists come to visit these exciting places. Some of the Rajshahi Tourist Spots are:

  • Bagha Mosque
  • Bagdhani Mosque
  • Bara Kuthi
  • Bhuban Mohan parks Captain Mansoor Ali Park
  • Borendra Museum
  • Cadet College
  • Dolmancha (Putia)
  • Godagari Royal Palace
  • Govinda Mandir
  • Gopal Mandir
  • Graveyard of Mirza Alikuli Beg
  • Hazrat Shah Sultan Bagdhani Mosque (Paba Upazila)
  • Jami Mosque (Tanore Upazila)
  • Kismat Madina Mosque
  • New Govt. Degree College
  • Porsha Royal Palace
  • Puthia Temple Complex
  • Puthia Rajbari Complex – Rajbari was built in 1895 for Rani Hemanta Kumari.Lashkarpur Degree College uses the place.
  • Rajshahi Sugar Mills
  • Rajshahi Medical College
  • RU University
  • Sarda Police Training Center
  • Shahid Qumruzzaman central park
  • Silk Industry
  • University of Engineering & Technology
  • Talando Shiva Mandir (1860), Rajbari,
  • Tomb of Hazrat Shah Makhdum (R)
  • Tomb (Mazar) of Hazrat Shah Sultan (Godagari Upazila)
  • One domed Ruipara (Durgapur) Jami Mosque (sixteenth century)
  • Two domed Kismat Madia Mosque (eighteenth century),
  • Three domed Bhagna Jami Mosque at Tanore Upazila (1223 AH )


Transportation in this city is better to move one place to another. If anyone wants to visit here from the capital Dhaka, he needs to spend 5-6 hours only to approach as this is a short distance of 261 kilometers. He can travel the city by air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned buses, cars and other vehicles. Intercity trains from train stations are also available to move. Shah Makhdum Airport is the place to land on here by a jet or airplane. After landing here, he should go to the main bus station named Nowdapara bus terminal. Other bus stands are also available.
Rajshahi Railway Station
Rajshahi Railway Station

Accommodation Hotels & Restaurants

Lots of starred and unstarred hotels, rest houses and restaurants are built here. Some of them are:

  • Hotel Dallas International, (Bindur More, Rail Gate)
  • Hotel Gulshan (Station Road)
  • Haq’s Inn (Bir Shrestha Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir Sarani, Shiroil)
  • Quality
  • Mitali
  • Ahar
  • RDRS guesthouse
  • Leziz
  • Purnima etc. and much more are popular restaurants.
  • A tourist may get interesting souvenirs at these restaurants.

If a visitor feels any problem, then local police and other security officials are always ready to help them. The district commissioner’s office is located at the center of this city.

Rajshahi is one of the beautiful towns in Bangladesh. That is why many tourists and newcomers to Bangladesh put their feet on this city every year. As the transportation and other particular things are easy and affordable here, a travel lover should visit at least once to enjoy.

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