RayerBazar Boddho Bhumi is at Mohammadpur Dhaka Bangladesh

RayerBazar Boddho Bhumi

RayerBazar Boddho Bhumi is at Mohammadpur in Dhaka. It is a martyred intellectuals memorial. The establishment year of the memorial is 1999.

About RayerBazar Boddho Bhumi

The height of the memorial is 58 feet. The designers of the memorial are Farid Uddin Ahmed and Jami-al-Shafi. The children of the martyrs of liberation war submitted the proposal. They laid the temporary foundation stone in 1991. It is the graveyard of many teachers, journalists, architects, and artists. They contributed significantly to the liberation war with their wisdom. They were killed just before the independence of Bangladesh. We remember them through the memorial. Every year thousands of people come here to pay tribute. The place is important for Bangladesh. It reminds us the contribution of the national heroes.

How to Go to the Site

The site is 17 kilometers away from Shahjalal International Airport. It will take about 42 minutes to reach the site. The distance from Saidabad is 9.7 kilometers. You will need about 37 minutes from Saidabad. It is 6.2 kilometers away from Gabtoli. You may need 21 minutes to reach the site. You will get many buses that go to Mohammadpur.

Hotel and Accommodation

There are many hotels in Mohammadpur. You will find both local and exotic foods in the hotels. The accommodation facilities are also affordable. You may consider Green Hotel or Hotel West Point Residential.

Address and Location

The site is at Rayer Bazaar of Mohammadpur. It is a public place. You will not need money to visit the site. You may visit anytime. There is not opening and closing hour.

Nearest Tourist Sites

There are many tourist sites near to the memorial. You may pay a visit to Dhanmondi Lake to enjoy the natural beauty and Shia masjid. So, we hope that the above information will be helpful for you to visit the place the next time.