Organic Rock Salt Seller in Bangladesh

Rock Salt Seller Bangladesh

Rock Salt is an organic salt. Another name of salt is Halite salt. An Indian or Bangla name is Sendha Namak (সন্ধক লবন). It is the combination of  5 spices. The salt is good for blood pressure. It aids in digestion, improves appetite, removes gas and soothes heartburn.

This salt has high concentrations Minerals, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Manganese, and Selenium, which are essential for many organs of the body. It is a pink color to look. The primary source of this salt is Himalaya.

Rock Salt Benefits

The nutritional value of the rock salt is very high. They have different effects on different parts of the human body. It is delicious with a variety of essential minerals. The salt Stimulates digestion and improves appetite,  improves bowel functioning and reduces acidity.

Rock Salt is an unprocessed natural salt. It is better than to table salt. It has the high quantity of minerals and also lack chemicals and additives. These minerals increase the immune system of the body.


It uses to add taste in various dishes and for curing various respiratory disorders, ailments like allergies, asthma, and the common cold.

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