Sajek Valley A Rroof of Haven Tourist Spot in Rangamati Bangladesh

Sajek Valley is a tourist spot at Baghaichari Upazila in Rangamati districts. Bangladesh army has built a new road over the hilly area to visit the place.

About Sajek Valley

It is one of the big union in Rangamati districts. It is the name of a river which separates Bangladesh from India. The river flows into the Karnafuli River in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Sajek Valley is situated in the North angle of Rangamati, near the Mizoram border boundary area. The valley is 18000 ft high from sea level. Many small rivers flow through the hills among them Kachalon and Machalong are famous. It is one of the biggest union in Bangladesh. The main ethnic minorities on the valley are Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai and Sagma. Before traveling there, be alert about malaria. There is some body lotion or cream to prevent the mosquito. The place is known as hill queen for its natural beauty and roof of Rangamati.

Marishsha is a name of a place near Sajek Valley. Bamboo makes most of the houses. There is another place near Sajek, it is Kanlak, and it is famous for the orange orchard. Most attractions of the spot are sunset, rain, morning, evening, and night and aborigine people. Tourist can buy aborigine people product from indigenous Haat. Roads are like big snake spirals mountains. Most of the people are Buddhist, and people are Christian here. A new road has been built up to the Ruilui Para by the guidance of Bangladesh army. On the way, a traveler needs to take permission from the military camp. Bangladesh army is very helpful and cooperative.Now the mobile network is available here.

How to Go Sajek

The valley is in Rangamati, but tourist can reach there from Khagrachhari it is better for them. From Dhaka many bus services are available. They are Saint Martin(AC), Soudia, Eagle, Shyamoli, S Alam and more. After reach to Khagrachhori, you need a Chander Gari to arrive at Sajek. The route is Khagrachhori – Dighinala Bazaar – Bagaihat Bazaar – Machalong Haat – then Sajek. It is 106 km from Khagrachhari. Dighinala to Sajek is 25 km. Main transportation is Chander Gari. It costs Tk.5000-tk.6000/- from Khagrachhari. It is like a four-wheel jeep. Sometimes visitor can take some tea break on the way at Haat.

From Dighinala traveler can hire a motorbike. It may cost Tk 1000-tk1500/- up down. The region is extremely very backward. The visitor can also go to Sajek from Rangamati by engine vessel. It takes 5-6 hours. Baghaichari is the landing station. Costing is within TK 200/-. And Baghaichari to Sajek by Chander Gari. Per person, it takes TK 300/-. Normally it is better to book reserve for the return journey.

Accommodation Hotel and Resort

Bangladesh government has built some resort for tourist. This accommodation is a little bit expensive but high quality. There are some other residential facilities here. Under the guidance of Bangladesh army, there are some good hotel and restaurant. It is better to bring food from Bazaar. A traveler can cook food with the help of local people. Shops are available for tea, cigarette, and biscuit. Here are the Phone number and official website name for booking.

Phone/ Mobile number: +88 01783969200/ 01853040108

email –


Spots on the road side of Sajak Valley

Sajek Resort – on the left of entering the valley. Helipad on Sajek Helipad on The Valley Helipad The Horizon Garden Runmoy Rest house Ruilui Para Club House – Guest house Ruilui Para Church Alo Resort Local people house and tea stalls BGB.

Location of Sajek Valley in Google Map

Sajek Valley (সাজেক ভ্যালী)

Upazila: Baghaichhori (বাঘাইছড়ি)
District: Rangamati (রাঙামাটি),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ)
GPS Coordinate: (23°23’25.22″N, 92°17’9.56″E)

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