Shahi Eidgah Maydan Sylhet Bangladesh

Shahi Eidgah Maydan Sylhet Bangladesh

Shahi Eidgah Maydan is an open prayer hall for the Muslims in the region, a famous prayer hall in Bangladesh, is located in Sylhet. It has built at Mughal time.

History and Background

The Mughal Emperor Aurangazed built the prayer hall in the 17 th century. This is one of the biggest open prayer halls in Bangladesh. It can accommodate around 1, 00,000 people at the same time. Every year during eid days people come to say their eid festival prayer in this famous prayer hall. Though the main prayer takes place in the two eids of the muslim population, every year thousands of visitors come here to visit the spot. A few years ago the main gate of the mosque was rebuilt to ensure safety and security of the spot.

Shahi Eidgah Maydan Sylhet Bangladesh
Shahi Eidgah Maydan Sylhet Bangladesh

Major Attractions of Shahi Eidgah Maydan Sylhet

The prayer hall looks like a fort but it was made for the purpose of eid congregation. In this prayer hall you will find a minar where the Imam stands to say prayer. You will find 20 steps stairs in that takes to the minar. The shape of the minar is half dome. It is called the central minar and you will find many similar minars around the field. You will find a big tank which is used for ablution purpose. It has three gates for the entrance of people in the prayer days.

How to Get to Shahi Eidgah Maydan

  • Sylhet is about 237 kilometers away from Dhaka through Dhaka-Sylhet highway. It may take about 5 hours to reach Sylhet through bus and cars. Name of inter district bus terminal in Kadamtoli . However, you may also take trains services available from Kamalapur Railway Station.
  • Form Sylhet bus station, you will be able to go to the tourist spot very easily. It is about 3 kilometers away from the north-east of the circuit house.

Accommodation and Food

You will find many reputed hotels and restaurants where you will be able to stay and have good local and foreign foods. They are both cheap and affordable. You may consider the following hotels and restaurants:

  • Hotel Star Pacific- Dargah Ga
  • Rose View Hotel- Shahajalal Upashahar Main Road

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are a lot of tourist spot near to the Shahi Eidgah Maidan. You may also pay a visit to

  • Museum of Rajas,
  • Mazar of Shahajalal
  • Shaha Paran,
  • Gaur Govinda Fort and many other places.

Shahi Eidgah Maydan is holy prayer hall for the Muslims in Bangladesh. Every year milion of people get together here for IDE prayer.

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