Shahjadpur Kuthibari Rabindranath Tagore Sirajganj

Rabindra Kuthi Bari

Sirajganj Shahjadpur Kuthibari is famous for the memory of Rabindranath Tagore. It is at Shahjadpur Upazila in Sirjagang districts under Rajshahi Division.

About Shahjadpur Kuthibari of Rabindranath Tagore

Shahzadpur is filled with the memory of the famous Nobel-laureate Rabindranath Tagore. The great poet started to stay in Shahzadpur to oversee the administration of his father’s zamindari or assets. He wrote many poems and novels when he used to stay here. The beauty of the village used to fascinate him much. Every year thousands of fans of the poet comes from all over the world to visit this historic spot.

Major Attractions of the Tourist Spot

The tourist spot is filled with various trees and it has very calm and quiet environment which will surely pacify your mind. In the entrance, you will find a Palki with which the poet used to visit various places. You will find the bed on which the poet used to take rest and sleep. Besides these you will find many used objects by Rabindranath Tagore. These articles will surely remind you of the memories of the poet.

How to Get to the Tourist Spot

Shahzadpur is about 165.2 kilometers away from Dhaka and it may take about 3 and a half hour to reach the tourist spot through Dhaka- Tangail Highway.

There are many bus services available from Dhaka that takes people to the tourist spot. You will have to get down from the bus in the Bazar Station near to Mujib Road. in the However, you may also choose trains and private cars to reach the tourist spot.

Accommodation and Food

There are good hotels and restaurants in Shahzadpur. Most of them are budget hotels. You will be able to have both local and foreign food in these restaurants. You may consider the following hotels and restaurants:

  • Appayon Hotel- Shahzadpur, Khukni Road

  • Hotel Ghorowa- Shahzadpur, Khuni Road

Nearby Tourist Spots

There are many tourist spots near to the Sirajganj Shahjadpur Kuthibari. You should also try to visit them. They are very close to one another. Some of the nearby tourist spots are as follows:

  • Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge

  • Eliot Bridge

  • Eco park

  • Shah Mokhdum Mosque

  • Graveyard of Hazrat Enayatpuri (R)

The Kuti bari of Rabindranath Tagore is simply an amazing tourist spot containing the memories of one of the greatest poets ever.

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