Sherpur Tourist Spots and Destinations Bangladesh

Sherpur Tourist Spots are Gojani Hill, Baro Duari Mosque, Modhutila eco park and more. The place is also famous for indigenous people.

Sherpur District Information

Sherpur ( শেরপুর Zila ) is a district under Dhaka Division.It is in the south part of Bangladesh. Areas 1363.76 sq km It is declared as an area in 24th February 1984, earlier it was a subdivision under the Mymensingh district. The area consists of one municipality, five Upazilas, 51 Union Parishads, two townships, 18 wards, 73 Mahallas, 458 Mouzas and 699 villages. The city is located about 198 km (123.03 mi) from Dhaka. Sherpur has a land-port with India at Nakugaon under Nalitabari Upazila. Sweet meat is famous here. It is known as Sanar Payes or Monda.There is some tourist resort in here. Among them Gajni Abakash Kendra and Modhutila Eco-Park are famous.
There are 5 Upazilas in this district. They are Jhenaigati, Nakla, Nalitabari, Sherpur Sadar, and Sreebardi.There are 5 Upazilas in this district. They are Jhenaigati, Nakla, Nalitabari, Sherpur Sadar, and Sreebardi. the district is border by Meghalaya (India) on the north, Mymensingh and Jamalpur district on the south, and Mymensingh districts on the east.

List of Top Sherpur Tourist Spots

  1. Aynapur Rubber Dam at Jhenaigati)
  2. Gazni Recreation Centre at Jhenaigati
  3. Gojani Hill
  4. Mariam Nagar Mission at Jhenaigati
  5. Madhutila Ecopark at Nalitabari
  6. Panihata Lake
  7. Sutanali Lake
  8. Rubber Dam on the river Bhogai at Nalitabari)
  9. Sandhakur Rubber Plantation at Jhenaigati)
  10. Shribordi Sand Premise
  11. Archaeological Heritage and Historic Royal Palaces
  12. Arai Ani and Pouney Tin Ani Zamindars
  13. Garh Jaripar Fort (c 1486-91 AD)
  14. Residences of Nay Ani
  15. Mazar / Tomb / Graveyard / Dargah / Mosque
  16. Baro Duari Mosque
  17. Ghagra Loskor Khan Mosque
  18. Maisaheba Mosque
  19. Mai Shaheba Jame Mosque
  20. Mughal Mosque at Kasba
  21. Shrine of Shah Kamal (R)
  22. Shrine of Sher Ali Gazi (R)
  23. Shrine of Jarip Shah (R)
  24. Tomb of Darvish Jarip Shah
  25. Tomb of Hazrat Shah Kamal (1644 AD)
  26.  Tomb of Sher Ali Gazi
  27. Hindus Temples and Mondirs
  28. Annapurna Temple
  29. Natmondir
  30. Raghunath Temple

How to Go Sherpur

Train and bus communication is the best from Dhaka. Buses are available from Mahakali.

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