Top 10 Quotes can change the life

Top 10 Quotes in Life

To me, these are the ten Quotes, which I always flow in my life. If any one practice Top 10 Quotes for one year, he can easily change his life. For daily practice, it can print and hang on a wall or bathroom. Before all these, you should understand all then inner meaning of these Quotes. We have come on this earth for a short period so we should know the art how to enjoy this life.

Top 10 Quotes for Life

  1. Life is a journey so enjoy it.
  2. Love is one-way traffic.
  3. Divine always come to the fools.
  4. There is nothing miracle; all are predefined.
  5. God gives the owner, not to the beggar.
  6. Ill earning will reduce your lifetime.
  7. Beautiful woman friend is stronger than money.
  8. The root of fear is the crime.
  9. Expectation creates irritation in mind.
  10. If you want to keep your friends, do not give him advice until and unless he asked.

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