Moulvibazar Tourist Spots snd Attraction in Bangladesh

Lawachhara National Forest

Moulvibazar Tourist Spots are Madhabkunda waterfall, Hakaluki Haor and Lawachara National Park and more. The District is under Sylhet Division.

Moulvibazar District Information

The name Moulvibazar (মৌলভীবাজার) comes from Maulvi Syed Kuttub Ullah. Shital Pati is one of the special product of here from Rajnagar.

It is in the North-Eastern part of Bangladesh. It is surrounded by Sylhet in the north, Habiganj in the west and India Tripura in the east and south. The main rivers are the Manu, the Dholoi and the Juri. There is a unique combination of hill, plain land forest, and Haors. Moulvibazar had an Airport at Shamsernagar under Kamalganj Upazila. Tea is the main crop of this districts, and recently orange tree has been planted. Other crops are pineapple, and lemon is available in here. The district has 200 hectares of orange garden area.


Upazilas and Subdivisions

  • Barlekha
  • Kamalganj
  • Kulaura
  • Juri
  • Moulvibazar Sadar
  • Rajnagar
  • Sreemangal

District Tourism Information

Area2,799.38 Square Kilometers
Geo Position / Location
Nearest AirportSylhet
Postal Code3200
NWD Code0861
ISD Code0088
CurrencyTaka (BDT)
BD Govt. Official

Moulvibazar Tourist Spots

  • Moulvibazar Sadar
  • House of Syed Mostafa Ali
  • Shah Mustafa Tomb – the southern part of Moulvibazar on the bank of Berirapar.
  • Grave of 7 martyrs in 1971, near  Shah Mustafa Tomb
  • Maulvi Syed Kuttub Ullah House
  • PTI College Torcher cells 1971 at Mission Road.
  • Barshi Jora Eco Park, 2 km from Moulvibazar Sadar
  • Khojar Mosque at Goygor built in 1476
  • Sweet of Manager Store
  • Monu Barrage and Lake
  • Islampur London House
  • Sreemangal Upazila
  • Barlekha Upazila
  • Barolekha Landscape
  • Madhab Kunda Eco Park
  • Madhabkunda Water Fall – It is the highest natural waterfall in the country. The water stream falls continuously from the hill top (83-meter height). Distance is 70 km from Moulvibazar Sadar,  and 72 km from Sylhet.There is an Eco Park near the lake.
  • Komolgonj
  • Graveyard of Bir Shresta Shipahi Hamidur Rahaman, near Dholoi of Komolgonj
  • Lawachara National Park
  • Madhabpur Lake and Tea Garden
  • Monipuri Tribal Village
  • Parikunda and hakaluki haor (Kamalganj)
  • Rajnagar
  • Hazrat Kutub Sha Mazar
  • Kamla Ranir Dhigi
  • House of Lila Bati Nag First girl student of Dhaka Universty at Paj Gaow
  • Kala Digir Haor
  • Lal Durga Mondir at Paj Gao
  • Durga Sadu at Khem Sahasro Village
  • Pakhi Bari
  • Others
  • Kawa Lake
  • Komolarani Lake
  • Bharaura Lake
  • Bilashchhara Lake
  • Muraichora Eco Park
  • Muraichhara Eco Park
  • Rubber Plantation and Tila (Kulaura)


There are good bus and train communication from Dhaka. Buses and train both are well connected with Dhaka. Buses are available from Mohakhali and Sadabad bus terminal. ENA bus service is a popular one.  Train service is available from Kamlapur rail station.It takes 5-6 hours journey. The nearest airport is in Sylhet.


There are good hotels and resorts in here. Grand Sultan is one of them. Tourist can choose Shanti Bari with cheap rate. Most of the hotel are inside and beside the tea garden.
Moulvibazar Tourist Spots are charming in the rainy season. The tea garden is one of the main attraction in here. There are many fishes in Haors and bill.
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