Chittagong Tourist Spots and Destinations in Bangladesh

Chittagong War Cemetery
Chittagong Tourist Spots are Patenga sea beach, Foys Lake, 2nd World War Cemetery much more. It is mainly a port city.

About Chittagong

There are 14 Upazilas and 16 Thanas within Chittagong District. The Postal code is 4000. The calling code is 31.
Chittagong is the biggest seaport and second major town in Bangladesh and situated near the Bay of Bengal. It is 264 km away east of Dhaka, well-known for hill areas, natural beauty and for the seashore. A trading post since the 9th century, Chittagong has a multicultural heritage of Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It is also known for the town of Aulias (Muslim saints). The divisional official website is
Districts List Under Chittagong Division

List of Top Chittagong Tourist Spots

We have divided the tourist spots Upazila wise.

Chittagong Sadar

  • Chittagong General Hospital
  • Bayejid Bostami Shrine
  • Central Railway Building
  • Court Building – Situated on the Fairy Hill or Parir Pahar, it was built by East India Company. The building is huge, over 250 thousand square feet and has hundreds of rooms.
  • Chittagong City Corporation Building
  • Circuit House – Previously it was known as Circuit house where Zia-ur-Rahman was killed. To the memory of Zia, the Circuit house was declared as Zia Memorial Museum.
  • Cheragee Pahad
  • Chittagong College – It is in Jamal Khan, Chittagong, it has begun as Chittagong District school in 1836, it became an Intermediate college in 1869.
  • Kadam Mubarak mosque, Andorkilla
  • Chittagong Port – Located near the mouth of Karnaphuli, the Port has a recorded history from the 9th century. Today, this is the Principal Sea Port of the Country.
  • Foy’s Lake – Fay’s lake is in Pahartoli, a satellite town. Now, this lake is widely moderated with various tourist spot including water world, kids sports zone, etc. by Concord Group.
  • The Makkah Madina Trade Centre
  • Ethnological Museum – This museum located in Agrabad is a treasure house of a variety of tribal culture and heritage of Bangladesh
  • Chandanpura Mosque
  • Roman Catholic Diocese
  • Chittagong Medical College and Hospital – One of best medical college in Bangladesh and only specialized govt. Hospital in Chittagong.It was established in 1958.
  • New Karnaphuli Bridge
  • Shah Amanat International Airport – It is named after an Islamic saint, is an international airport in Chittagong city.It is the second largest airport in Bangladesh.
  • Chittagong University of Engineering & Technology
  • Asgar Ali Chowdhury Mosque
  • War Cemetery – the British Army created the Chittagong War Cemetery in 1945.It is in the south-western corner of Medical College Hospital.
  • Fouzdarhat Cadet College – Located on a 250-acre site at Fouzdarhat, about 16 kilometers from Chittagong Railway Station, this institution provides general education and military training.
  • Hajji Mohsin College – It is on College Road, and it was established in 1874 as Chittagong Madrasa, Now it is college and area are covered almost 31 acres of land.
  • Hazrat Shah Amanat Dargah Sharif  – Hazrat Shah Amanat (R) a famous saint. It is in Kotowali, Patharghata.The Dargah Sharif lies to the central jail and east of the Laldighi.
  • Patenga Beach – Patenga is a sea beach located 14 kilometers south of the port city. It is just beside the Shah Amanat International

Anwara Upazila

  • Parki Sea Beach – Parki Beach is situated in Gahira, Anwara thana under southern region. The beach lies about 28 km. away from the city.
  • Dargah of Mohsin Awlia,
  • Akbari Mosque,
  • Church Bibi Mosque,
  • Dhala Bibi Mosque,
  • Monu Miah’s canon (now preserved in the National Museum)

Banshkhali Upazila

  • Baksi Hamid Mosque (1558),
  • Jatebi Jami Mosque,
  • Nabi Mosque (eighteenth century),
  • Nim Kalibari (1710),
  • Sikh Temple (Banigram).

Boalkhali Upazila

  • Sreepura Bura Mosque,
  • Dewan Vita (c. 1711),
  • Mazar of Hzrat Bu-ali Kalandar (R) at Karaldanga,
  • Kalachan Thakur Bari (Popadia),
  • Lalar Dighi (Kandhurkhil),
  • Kanungopara Shyam Roy Mandir and
  • Medos Hermitage.

Chandanaish Upazila

  • Three domed Khan Mosque (Bagicha Hat),
  • Nabaratna Bihar (Satbaria),
  • Buri Kali Mandir (Barama),
  • Khan Dighi (Bagicha Hat)

Fatikchhari Upazila

  • Company Tila
  • Ahsan Ullah Gomasta Mosque
  • Courtpar Buddhist Vihara
  • Adullapur Buddhist Vihara
  • Kalibari Mandir (Nanupur)
  • Hazari Khil Jangal

Hathazari Upazila

  • Alaul Mosque (1473-74),
  • Fakir Mosque (1474-80),
  • Wali Khan Mosque (1714-19),
  • Hamja Khan Mosque (1682),
  • Panchkari Chowdhury Bari,
  • Lakshmi Saha Zamindar Bari.

Lohagara Upazila

  • Machhdia Buddhist Temple (Adhunagar, 18th century),
  • Buddhist Temple and other royal establishments at Chendirpuni,
  • Gupta Zamindar Bari at Padua,
  • Adhunagar Budhist Temple,
  • Magadeshwari Temple at Maghdighi.

Mirsharai Upazila

  • Dhum Shila Pathar (Shantir Hat),
  • Chhuti Khan Mosque,
  • Paragal Khan Dighi,
  • Nai Duari Mosque,
  • Jagannath Dham (Abu Torab),
  • Kali Mandir (Karerhat),
  • Shantiniketan Vihara,
  • Abhay Charan Vihara.

Patiya Upazila

  • Musa Khan Mosque (1658),
  • Kura Katni Mosque at Harin Khain (1806),
  • Kala Mosque at Kachuai (seventeenth century),
  • Akbar Jami Mosque,
  • Syed Kutub Tomb at Baralia,
  • Bura Gosai’s Mandir,
  • Jagannath Temple at Suchakradandi,
  • Annapurna Temple,
  • Jonardan Mandir, Shiva Mandir,
  • Buddhist Monastery at Haidgaon,
  • Buddha Padochinha Temple at Unainpura.

Rangunia Upazila

  • Remnants of the palace Shukbilash (18th century),
  • Ranir Pukur (Raja Hat),
  • Pagla Mama Dargah (19th century),
  • Shahen Shah Dargah (Pomara),
  • Dharma Chakra Vihara (1750),
  • Jagadhatri Mandir,
  • Sree Sree Ramakrishna Mandir (Santiniketan),
  • Shiva Chaturdashi Mandir (Parua),
  • Krishna Mandir (Majumdarkhil),
  • Sagar Dighi (Rajanagar),
  • Mahamuni Buddhist Monastery,
  • Simaghar.

Raozan Upazila

  • Jagannath Debaloy and the Gateway at Dabua,
  • Koileswra Shiva Mandir and Shiva Statue at Dabua (19th century),
  • Mohamuni Buddhist Temple at Pahartali,
  • Chulamoni Buddhist Vihara at Lathichhari, Aburkhil Buddhist Vihara,
  • Aryan Moitra Buddhist Vihara (sleeping statue),
  • Isa Khan Dighi at Noajispur,
  • Laskar Uzir Dighi at Kadalpur,
  • Nabin Chandra Sen’s residenceand Memorial Monument at Guzara
  • Noa Para, Jagatpur Asrama.
  • Sandwip Upazila

Satkania Upazila

  • Dargaon Mosque (Satkania union),
  • Deputy Mosque (15th century AD,Sonakania union),
  • coins engraved with figure (13th century AD),
  • Thakur Dighi (Satkania), Kotwal Dighi (Sonakania),
  • Shiva Mandir (Dhemsa),
  • Bomang Hat Church (Bazalia),
  • Hindu Mandir (Kanchana).
  • Sitakunda Upazila

Transportation and Communication

There is good transportation from Dhaka. By air, it takes 30 minutes, and by train, it takes 5-6 hours. Luxury buses are available from Motijeel, Gabloty and Shamoly. There is no river communication with Dhaka.


The district is known as the business capital of Bangladesh. There are a lot of real star hotels in this districts.

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