Sunamganj Tourist Places and Attractions

Sunamganj Tourist Places are Englsh Tilla, house of Shah Abdul Karim, house of poet Hason Raja and many more. The place is famous for Haors and Beels.

About Sunamganj

It is a district under Sylhet Division. It is a located in north-eastern part of Bangladesh. It is on the bank of Surma River. It was underwater in ancient era. It is bounded by India on the north, Habiganj and Kishoreganj  on the south, Sylhet on the east, Netrokona on the west. Postal codeis 3000. The place is famous for Stone and sand business. Official website is Website

Sunamganj Tourist Places and Attractions

Upazilas wise tourist spots ate given here. There are 11 sub-districts or Upazilas.
  1. Bishwamvarpur
  2. Chhatak Tourist Places
    • Chatok Cement Factory
    • English Tila — Hennry, wife of English stone business man Gorce English had built this English Tila  at Bagbari, Chatak Upazila in 1850 on memory of her beloved husband. It is 25 ft height. it is pyramid shape structure.It is also name as Saheber Tilla.
    • Bagbari Tilla
    • Paper Mill
  3. Derai Tourist Spots
    • Shah Abdul Karim
    • Makhraj Mosque
    • Tomb of Nagta Pir
    • Garo Village
  4. Dharampasha Tourist Attractions 
    • Selbarash Jami Mosque
    • Palash Jami Mosque
    • Sukhair Kalibari Temple
    • Kahala Kalibari,
    • Maheshkhala Kalibari
  5. Dowarabazar Upazila
    • Tenra Tilla Gas Field
  6. Jagannathpur
  7. Jamalganj
    • Temple of Jagannat Jeo
  8. Sullah
    • Bahra Sumeshwari Mandir
  9. Sunamganj Sadar
    • Graveyard of 48 Martyr Freedom Fighter
    • Hason Raja Memorial Royal Palace
    • Ramkirna Mission
    • Narayan Tala Christian Missionary
    • Mohammad Mukam
    • Town Jame Mosque
    • Patharia Baishnab Akhra
  10. Dokkin Sunamganj
    • Pagla Jami Mosque
  11. Tahirpur
    • Tanguar haor
    • Laurer Garh
    • Sha Arifin Astana
    • Taker Ghat Lime Stone (CaCo3) Field
    • Palace of Raja Bijoy Singh

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