Woman YogA Instructor and Home Trainer in Dhaka Bangladesh

Habiba Hassan Shikha Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am Habiba Hassan Shikha, working as a yoga instructor in Dhaka. I am mainly a trainer for women. Bangladeshi women can call me as a trainer. I have simple and easy yoga tips and training for beginners.

Benefits of Yoga

My yoga classes are for one hour. There are lots of benefits if one practice Yoga regularly. Yoga courses are a fantastic fitness regime for people of all ages and can bring you many advantages. The physical fitness benefits are well documented with an increase in strength and muscle toning throughout the body as well as growth in stamina.

It is also a low impact exercise so that those with joint pain can still partake without the fear of injuring themselves. Yoga classes help improve your mental state by actively lowering your stress levels since it gives you time to meditate and ignore distractions.

YogA Instructor Contact Information

Name: Habiba Hassan Shikha


Gulshan Branch:
Bashati Dream, House No. 3, Flat No. C-4,
Road No. 21, Gulshan 1, Dhaka 1212,

Dhanmondi Branch:
House No. 59/B, Road No. 27 (Old),
16 (New), Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1209,
Mobile: 01732336695
eMail:- habibayusuf65@gmail.com
Working Area: Gulshan, Niketon, Baridhara, and Basundhara.
Note: I prefer the only female student.

About Habiba Hassan Shikha

I have got the little training from Indian Cultural Centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am also an active member and of  Art of Living. Done several courses in Dhaka and from Bangalore.

If you are interested, can contact me. YOGA has a place for anyone irrespective of age, health, religion. Learning Yoga is not terrible. Meditation is also a part of Yoga. Music therapy is a part of Yoga. Yoga will make you fit and powerful body and mind.