Boga Lake Ruma a haven tourist spot in Banderban Chittagong

Boga Lake Ruma a haven tourist spot in Banderban Chittagong

Boga Lake is in Ruma Upazila in the Banderban Hill district. It is one of the fascinating tourist spots with sweet and deep water lake in Bangladesh.

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Boga Lake is in Ruma Upazila in the Bandarban Hill District under Chittagong division. It is one of the interesting tourist spots with naturally sweet and deep water lake in Hill area in Bangladesh.

About Boga Lake Ruma Bandarban Chittagong

Boga Lake is a deep natural lake with sweet water. From sea level, the height is nearly 2000 feet which are about 610 meters. According to the Geologists from home and abroad, the lake was created by the collection of rainwater in the charter of a dead volcano. They assume that the lake got existence about 2000 years ago. The shape of the lake is kind of rectangular. There is a story that is prevalent regarding the origin of the lake. They say that the lake was created when his community killed a local inhabitant of Khumi village and later the murdered person arrived as a dragon to them. Instantly an earthquake occurred the hillside caved in, and the community disappeared which formed a deep lake.

Major Attractions

One of the fascinating aspects of Boga Lake is that the water of the lake varies in color in a different time of the day based on sunlight, clouds, and humidity. In general, the water of the lake looks blue which is very attractive. The Boga Lake is filled with rocks and stones. You will surely be fascinated by watching various kinds of rocks falling around Boga Lake. There are different types of large and small trees near Boga Lake.

Nearest Tourist Attractions

Nearby tourist spots which you may visit at the same time include Keokaradong, Tajindong, Jadipai Waterfall, Chingri Jhiri Waterfall and Patang Jhiri Waterfall. All of these places are fascinating and will make your heart filled with peace and joy. In fact, Bandarban is one of the best places in Bangladesh to visit and spend a vacation.

Transportation and Communication

If anyone wants to visit Boga Lake, he will have to reach Bandarban at first. From Bandarban, you will have to go to Ruma Upazila. You will find Jeep cars named Chander Gari from Bandarban to visit the tourist spot. If you choose airway, you will have to land in Chittagong Shah Amanat Airport and then go to Bandarban. You may also go to Bandarban through trains available from Kamalapur Railway Station. Various train services in interval leave the station for Bandarban Railway Station.

Accommodation and Food

You will find a lot of small cottages with local foods in the area. Siyam Didi Cottage near to Boga Lake is very famous. You may also stay there. There are a lot of hotels, motels, and restaurants where you can stay and have good food. They are very cheap and affordable. You may consider staying in:

  • Shakura Hill Resort - Ruma, Bandarban
  • Hotel Plaza Bandarban- Army Para, Ward No.7, Bandarban.

The beauty of the lake is just unforgettable. That’s why people come to visit the place over and over when they come to Bandarban.

We offer tour packages for tourist at winter to visit Bandarban. It is a kind of adventure tour. Mosquito is a main problem for the tourist. There is a serious malaria disease may catch for the coz of Mosquito.

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