Kamalapur Railway Station Dhaka Contact Number

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Kamalapur Railway Station Dhaka Contact Number

Kamalapur Railway Station is the main train station of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reservation and equerry numbers can get their official site.

Bullet Information
Name Kamalapur Railway Station
Location Outer Circular Road, Motijheel Thana, Dhaka
Owner Bangladesh Railway
Established 1 May 1968
Official Website Bangladesh Railway

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Kamalapur Railway Station is the central train station of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Reservation and equerry numbers can be their official site. Train tickets are available from the platform.

Kamalapur Railway Station

Robert Boughey, an American architect had designed it. It was built on the northeast side of Motijheel in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, at the beginning of the 1960s. The intermarriage of spatial and structural innovation culminated in Boughey&rsquo's excellent designs of the station. Before its construction, the land was a paddy field.

It is the largest railway station in the country and the most important terminal fortransportation between Dhaka and the rest of the districts. The station is very famous for its architectural value. It was built with an architectural marvel and a lotus-shaped shell structure, covering functional buildings like an umbrella.

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The country’s central railway station has 21 ticket counters, eight platforms, and a few station managers. Over 1000 people throng to the station every day to visit almost every corner of the country except Barisal and Patuakhali as there are no train routes in the two districts. Passengers can even quickly collect tickets to go to Kolkata in India.

Maitree Express is providing this service. Every day, around 50 trains leave the stations for various districts besides India. At least 47 local trains, 28 express trains, and 24 intercity trains go through the station a day. The place is also home to street children and stray people. BD railway ministry maintains this train station.

Time Table and Schedules

BR is a Govt. owned organization. This organization is divided into two zones. These are East and West. Bangladesh Railway provides the arrival and departure timetable of the train; they are available on their official site. Passengers can get all kinds of important information and Inquiries for reservations to book a train ticket. The official Web address is www.railway.gov.bd. BD railway offers e-ticketing for their passengers.

Contact Phone Number and Address

Kamalapur Railway Station Kamlapur, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone Number - 0088-02-9358634/0088-02-8315857 Mobile-008801819-936349

Ticket Booking

The ticket can be from online and from the counter. There is a big queue for the ticket at the time of IDE.

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