Kuakata Sea Beach is Known as Fun in the Sun

Kuakata Sea Beach is Known as Fun in the Sun

Kuakata Sea Beach is known as Fun in the sun! It is seventy kilometers away from Patuakhali. It is one of the tourist spot in Bangladesh for beach lover.

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Kuakata Sea Beach is known as Fun in the sun! It is seventy kilometers away from Patuakhali. It is one of the tourist spot in Bangladesh for beach lover.

About Kuakata Sea Beach

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The Sea Beach also the place for gathering, dating, picnic and many other things on its breast also go on round-the-clock without any single pause. Even the solar deity cannot save itself from the clutch of the poet, writer and litterateur who show no negligence in highlighting its beauty in an elaborate manner. Don’t need to take extra pressure in your brain thinking this that is it possible at all for human being while aliens usually do such works.
Seventy kilometers away from Patuakhali district town, the southern part of Bangladesh, Kuakata, widely known as Sagar Kannya (Daughter of the Sea), will meet the thirst of a curious mind. Believe it or not, the wide sandy beach from where you can hug the goddess of solar exuberantly as this is the one of rarest places offering the full view of the rising and setting of sun in the water of the Bay.
It is a matter of courage to describe the magnificent beauty of Kuakata, the name of the sea beach originated from the Bengali word “kua” (well), dug on the shore by the early Rakhain settlers, as most of the cases what you will explain it even fails to please you. In the 18th century, they arrived on the coast after being thrown out of Arakan in Myanmar by the Mughals. Both the sea and sun are the part and parcel of narrating the picturesque natural beauty of the digging well, now Kuakata. Located in Kalapara upazila, the sandy beach, a home to migratory winter birds, is sparked with the sun rising from the sea. On the other hand, when the sun sinks slowly into the tears of the Daughter during the full night its waves sparkle in the dark, making rhythm in the heart of all classes of people.
For the locals, who mainly depend on fishing for their livelihood, it is truly a virgin beach where you will see the unique customs of the 'Rakhyne' tribal families and the 100-year-old Buddhist temple lying with culture and heritage of the community and the 36 feet-long statue of Gautam Buddha besides the full view of the sunrise and sunset.
The scenic spot receives the Hindu and Buddhist devotees during the festival of 'Raas Purnima' and 'Maghi Purnima (full moon) every year. They take a holy dip in the sea water. At this, the waves are ready to hug the devotees in the full moon. It has also a reserved forest, a habitat for animals like monkey, jackals and Bagdas (one kind of small tiger), etc. Finally, Gangamati, situated to the east of Jhau forest, is an ideal sanctuary for birds and its lovers as well…

How to Go

From Patuakhali you have
to go by bus. tje spot is 70 km far from there. From Dhaka to Patuakhali traveler can use launch or bus. Alaways use google map for finding the direction rought.

Hotels and Accommodations

Because for top destination, there are many hotels are in there. It is also the place for middle income visitor. There are budget and low price accommodations are here. The sound of the surf breathing if you don’t enjoy this trip will be left in unfruitful state. So don’t let it go this way. But those are yet to see the beauty of the solar deity and Daughter. After cox's Bazar, it is the second place foe beach seeker.

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