Magura Tourist Attractions Bangladesh

Magura Tourist Attractions Bangladesh

Magura Tourist Attractions are Fort of Debal Raja, Nil-Kuthi and more. Novelist Nimai Bhattacharya born in Magura.

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Magura Tourist Attractions are the Fort of Debal Raja, Nil-Kuthi, and more. Novelist Nimai Bhattacharya was born in Magura. Magura is a district under Khulna Division. It is the South-Western side of Bangladesh. And 176 kilometers far from Dhaka. From Magura to Dhaka it only takes five hours by bus. There is no train transport here. The district consists of 4 upazilas, 1 municipality, 18 wards, 61 mahallas, 36 union parishads, 537 mouzas, and 700 villages.Royal Palace of King Sitaram, Mohamadpur

Upazilla/ Thana

  • Magura Sadar
  • Mohammadpur
  • Salikha Upazila,
  • Sreepur

List of Top Magura Tourist Attractions

  • Ashram of Nangta Baba (Satdoha Ashram).
  • Ghat of Nader Chand
  • Gorai Bridge
  • Graveyard of Dewan Shah
  • Fort of Debal Raja
  • Mosque at village Gopal (Mughal period)
  • Mosque of Mohgol Era
  • Mohes Chandra House
  • Nil-Kuthi,
  • Oyster Industry
  • Palace of Raja Satrujit Roy Rajbari
  • Palace of  Birat Raja at Sreepur
  • Poet Quader Newaz House
  • Poet Jatindra Mohon Bagchi house
  • Paul Chowdhury Royal Palace
  • Royal Palace of King Sitaram, Mohamadpur
  • Shitaram Lake
  • Siddheshwari Math at Athara Khada and
  • Tomb of Pir Mokerram Ali
  • Tomb of Garib Shah

Bounded by

  • Rajbari district to the north
  • Jessore and Narail districts to the south
  • Faridpur district to the east
  • Jhenaidaha district to the west

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