Nilachal Bandarban Chittagong Bangladesh

Nilachal Bandarban Chittagong Bangladesh

Nilachal Bandarban is a very popular tourist spot in Bangladesh located in Bandarban, Chittagong. The place is maintained by the district administration.

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Nilachal Bandarban is a very popular tourist spot in Bangladesh. It is in Bandarban under Chittagong division. The place is maintained by the district administration.

About Nilachal Bandarban

The spot is also known as Tiger Hill. Nilachal is the nearest tourist spot from Bandarban. The place is located at Tiger Para. It is 5 kilometers away from Bandarban town and above 2000 feet of sea level. From this spot, the visitors can enjoy the total view of Bandarban and a vast landscape. The place is so amazing that every year thousands of visitors come to visit the tourist spot from all over the world.

Major Attractions of Nilachal

You will be able to see golden twilight in the evening. The couples can enjoy an evergreen and unforgettable moonlight in the night. In the foggy morning of winter, the place looks awesome. From Nilachal you will be able to observe the life of the nearby tribal people and know more about the tribal people of Bangladesh. The spot looks extraordinary in the foggy winter morning.

Nearby Tourist Spots

There are many tourist attractions near to Nilachal which you may visit on the same day. Major tourist spots include Chimbuk Hill, Boga Lake, Baklai Waterfall, Budda Dhatu Jadi, Chinri Jhiri Waterfall, Jadipai Waterfall, Nilgriri, Sangu River and many other attractive sites. All of these sites are very attractive, and you will remember the visit of every site for a long time.

Transportation and Communication

It is about 328 kilometers away from Dhaka via Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. It may take approximately 7 hours from Dhaka. There are many bus services available in Dhaka that take people to the spot. If you take railway, you will have to get down in Bandarban Railway station and then take a jeep or bus to reach the spot.

Accommodation and Communication

At present, the spot is under construction and hence there is not sufficient accommodation for the visitors. You will have to stay in the hotel and restaurants in Bandarban town. There are two government rest houses where you can stay as well but for that, you will have to communicate with the officials and book in advance. You will get all kinds of local and foreign foods in the hotels and restaurants of Bandarban. Two of the good hotels where you can stay are:

Green Peak Resorts Hotel Nice International
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