Original  Khejur Gur | খেজুর গুড়

Original Khejur Gur | খেজুর গুড়


Khati Khejur Jhola Gur Is selling by Mamun from Nator at an affortable price. It is 100% original and organic.

Bullet Information
Product Name Date Jaggery | খেজুর গুড়
Type Syrup | ঝোলা
Quality 100% Original and Organic
Seller Name Mamun
Product From AmhedPur, Baraigaran | Nator

Original  Khejur Gur

Mamun is selling 100% Original and Organic Khejur Jhola Gur from AmhedPur, Baraigaran | Nator, Bangladesh. This Date Jaggery sweet is winter season food. taste is mild, earthy, and with excellent aroma.

It is totally pure and homemade in Nator. There is no chemical and preservatives in it. Mamun never compromised with taste and quality. 

Type of Jaggery Gur

There are different verity of Date Molasses. These are syrup and stuck types. Here is a list of it.

  • Jhola Gur
  • Patali Gur
  • Dana Gure

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