Postal zip code Chittagong Division Bangladesh

Postal zip code Chittagong Division Bangladesh

Chittagong is known as Port City of Bangladesh. It is divisional city head quater. It is located on bank of the Karnafuli River. Postal code is 4000 in city.

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Chittagong is known as the Port City of Bangladesh. It is divisional city headquarter. It is located on the bank of the Karnafuli River. Postal code is  4000 in the city. [caption id="attachment_4633" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Postal zip Codes Bangladesh Postal Zip Codes Bangladesh[/caption]

A total list of postal code Chittagong Division is given here. Postal codes or postcode are assigned for the geographical location. It is very helpful to receive mail and parcel. This code is used with the postal address. It is the combination of some digits or letter. It is also known as ZIP code. In Bangladesh, it is four letters digits.

Postcode zip codes in Chittagong Division Bangladesh

Sub Office
Post Code
Brahmanbaria Akhaura Akhaura 3450
Brahmanbaria Akhaura Azampur 3451
Brahmanbaria Akhaura Gangasagar 3452
Brahmanbaria Banchharampur Banchharampur 3420
Brahmanbaria Brahamanbaria Sadar Brahamanbaria Sadar 3400
Brahmanbaria Brahamanbaria Sadar Talshahar 3401
Brahmanbaria Brahamanbaria Sadar Ashuganj 3402
Brahmanbaria Brahamanbaria Sadar Ashuganj Share 3403
Brahmanbaria Brahamanbaria Sadar Poun 3404
Brahmanbaria Kasba Kasba 3460
Brahmanbaria Kasba Kuti 3461
Brahmanbaria Kasba Chandidar 3462
Brahmanbaria Kasba Chargachh 3463
Brahmanbaria Kasba Gopinathpur 3464
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Nabinagar 3410
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Laubfatehpur 3411
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Rasullabad 3412
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Shamgram 3413
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Ratanpur 3414
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Shahapur 3415
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Kaitala 3417
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Salimganj 3418
Brahmanbaria Nabinagar Jibanganj 3419
Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar Nasirnagar 3440
Brahmanbaria Nasirnagar Fandauk 3441
Brahmanbaria Sarail Sarial 3430
Brahmanbaria Sarail Shahbajpur 3431
Brahmanbaria Sarail Chandura 3432
Comilla Barura Barura 3560
Comilla Barura Poyalgachha 3561
Comilla Barura Murdafarganj 3562
Comilla Brahmanpara Brahmanpara 3526
Comilla Burichang Burichang 3520
Comilla Burichang Maynamoti bazar 3521
Comilla Chandina Chandia 3510
Comilla Chandina Madhaiabazar 3511
Comilla Chouddagram Chouddagram 3550
Comilla Chouddagram Batisa 3551
Comilla Chouddagram Chiora 3552
Comilla Comilla Sadar Comilla Sadar 3500
Comilla Comilla Sadar Comilla Contoment 3501
Comilla Comilla Sadar Halimanagar 3502
Comilla Comilla Sadar Courtbari 3503
Comilla Comilla Sadar Suaganj 3504
Comilla Daudkandi Daudkandi 3516
Comilla Daudkandi Gouripur 3517
Comilla Daudkandi Dashpara 3518
Comilla Daudkandi Eliotganj 3519
Comilla Davidhar Davidhar 3530
Comilla Davidhar Gangamandal 3531
Comilla Davidhar Barashalghar 3532
Comilla Davidhar Dhamtee 3533
Comilla Homna Homna 3546
Comilla Laksam Laksam 3570
Comilla Laksam Lakshamanpur 3571
Comilla Laksam Bipulasar 3572
Comilla Langalkot Langalkot 3580
Comilla Langalkot Dhalua 3581
Comilla Langalkot Chhariabazar 3582
Comilla Langalkot Gunabati 3583
Comilla Muradnagar Muradnagar 3540
Comilla Muradnagar Ramchandarpur 3541
Comilla Muradnagar Companyganj 3542
Comilla Muradnagar Bangra 3543
Comilla Muradnagar Sonakanda 3544
Comilla Muradnagar Pantibazar 3545
Lakshmipur Char Alexgander Char Alexgander 3730
Lakshmipur Char Alexgander Hajirghat 3731
Lakshmipur Char Alexgander Ramgatirhat 3732
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Lakshimpur Sadar 3700
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Dalal Bazar 3701
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Bhabaniganj 3702
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Mandari 3703
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Keramatganj 3704
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Rupchara 3705
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Duttapara 3706
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Choupalli 3707
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Chandraganj 3708
Lakshmipur Lakshimpur Sadar Amani Lakshimpur 3709
Lakshmipur Ramganj Ramganj 3720
Lakshmipur Ramganj Alipur 3721
Lakshmipur Ramganj Panpara 3722
Lakshmipur Ramganj Kanchanpur 3723
Lakshmipur Ramganj Naagmud 3724
Lakshmipur Ramganj Dolta 3725
Lakshmipur Raypur Raypur 3710
Lakshmipur Raypur Rakhallia 3711
Lakshmipur Raypur Nagerdighirpar 3712
Lakshmipur Raypur Haydarganj 3713
Lakshmipur Raypur Bhuabari 3714
Noakhali Basurhat Basur Hat 3850
Noakhali Basurhat Charhajari 3851
Noakhali Begumganj Begumganj 3820
Noakhali Begumganj Choumohani 3821
Noakhali Begumganj Banglabazar 3822
Noakhali Begumganj Mir Owarishpur 3823
Noakhali Begumganj Bazra 3824
Noakhali Begumganj Jamidar Hat 3825
Noakhali Begumganj Sonaimuri 3827
Noakhali Begumganj Gopalpur 3828
Noakhali Begumganj Joynarayanpur 3829
Noakhali Begumganj Alaiarpur 3831
Noakhali Begumganj Tangirpar 3832
Noakhali Begumganj Khalafat Bazar 3833
Noakhali Begumganj Rajganj 3834
Noakhali Begumganj Oachhekpur 3835
Noakhali Begumganj Bhabani Jibanpur 3837
Noakhali Begumganj Maheshganj 3838
Noakhali Begumganj Nadona 3839
Noakhali Begumganj Nandiapara 3841
Noakhali Begumganj Khalishpur 3842
Noakhali Begumganj Dauti 3843
Noakhali Begumganj Joyag 3844
Noakhali Begumganj Thanar Hat 3845
Noakhali Begumganj Amisha Para 3847
Noakhali Begumganj Durgapur 3848
Noakhali Chatkhil Chatkhil 3870
Noakhali Chatkhil Palla 3871
Noakhali Chatkhil Khilpara 3872
Noakhali Chatkhil Bodalcourt 3873
Noakhali Chatkhil Rezzakpur 3874
Noakhali Chatkhil Solla 3875
Noakhali Chatkhil Karihati 3877
Noakhali Chatkhil Dosh Gharia 3878
Noakhali Chatkhil Bansa Bazar 3879
Noakhali Chatkhil Sahapur 3881
Noakhali Chatkhil Sampara 3882
Noakhali Chatkhil Shingbahura 3883
Noakhali Hatiya Hatiya 3890
Noakhali Hatiya Afazia 3891
Noakhali Hatiya Tamoraddi 3892
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Noakhali Sadar 3800
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Noakhali College 3801
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Sonapur 3802
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Din Monir Hat 3803
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Pak Kishoreganj 3804
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Mriddarhat 3806
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Kabirhat 3807
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Khalifar Hat 3808
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Charam Tua 3809
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Chaprashir Hat 3811
Noakhali Noakhali Sadar Char Jabbar 3812
Noakhali Senbag Senbag 3860
Noakhali Senbag Kallyandi 3861
Noakhali Senbag Beezbag 3862
Noakhali Senbag Kankirhat 3863
Noakhali Senbag Chatarpaia 3864
Noakhali Senbag T.P. Lamua 3865
Feni Chhagalnaia Chhagalnaia 3910
Feni Chhagalnaia Maharajganj 3911
Feni Chhagalnaia Daraga Hat 3912
Feni Chhagalnaia Puabashimulia 3913
Feni Dagonbhuia Dagondhuia 3920
Feni Dagonbhuia Dudmukha 3921
Feni Dagonbhuia Chhilonia 3922
Feni Dagonbhuia Rajapur 3923
Feni Feni Sadar Feni Sadar 3900
Feni Feni Sadar Fazilpur 3901
Feni Feni Sadar Sharshadie 3902
Feni Feni Sadar Laskarhat 3903
Feni Pashurampur Pashurampur 3940
Feni Pashurampur Shuarbazar 3941
Feni Pashurampur Fulgazi 3942
Feni Pashurampur Munshirhat 3943
Feni Sonagazi Sonagazi 3930
Feni Sonagazi Motiganj 3931
Feni Sonagazi Ahmadpur 3932
Feni Sonagazi Kazirhat 3933
Chittagong Anawara Anowara 4376
Chittagong Anawara Paroikora 4377
Chittagong Anawara Battali 4378
Chittagong Boalkhali Kanungopara 4363
Chittagong Boalkhali Saroatoli 4364
Chittagong Boalkhali Iqbal Park 4365
Chittagong Boalkhali Boalkhali 4366
Chittagong Boalkhali Sakpura 4367
Chittagong Boalkhali Kadurkhal 4368
Chittagong Boalkhali Charandwip 4369
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chittagong GPO 4000
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chittagong Bandar 4100
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Pahartoli 4202
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chawkbazar 4203
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Patenga 4204
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chittagong Airport 4205
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Jaldia Merine Accade 4206
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Firozshah 4207
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Mohard 4208
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chitt. Politechnic In 4209
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Bayezid Bostami 4210
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Amin Jute Mills 4211
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chandgaon 4212
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Wazedia 4213
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Jalalabad 4214
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Anandabazar 4215
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Halishahar 4216
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar North Katuli 4217
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chitt. Sailers Colon 4218
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chitt. Customs Acca 4219
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Chitt. Cantonment 4220
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Al- Amin Baria Madra 4221
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Middle Patenga 4222
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Export Processing 4223
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Rampura TSO 4224
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar Halishshar 4225
Chittagong Chittagong Sadar North Halishahar 4226
Chittagong East Joara East Joara 4380
Chittagong East Joara Gachbaria 4381
Chittagong East Joara Dohazari 4382
Chittagong East Joara Barma 4383
Chittagong Fatikchhari Fatikchhari 4350
Chittagong Fatikchhari Nanupur 4351
Chittagong Fatikchhari Bhandar Sharif 4352
Chittagong Fatikchhari Najirhat 4353
Chittagong Fatikchhari Harualchhari 4354
Chittagong Fatikchhari Narayanhat 4355
Chittagong Hathazari Hathazari 4330
Chittagong Hathazari Chitt.University 4331
Chittagong Hathazari Gorduara 4332
Chittagong Hathazari Katirhat 4333
Chittagong Hathazari Mirzapur 4334
Chittagong Hathazari Fatahabad 4335
Chittagong Hathazari Nuralibari 4337
Chittagong Hathazari Yunus Nagar 4338
Chittagong Hathazari Madrasa 4339
Chittagong Jaldi Jaldi 4390
Chittagong Jaldi Khan Bahadur 4391
Chittagong Jaldi Gunagari 4392
Chittagong Jaldi Banigram 4393
Chittagong Lohagara Lohagara 4396
Chittagong Lohagara Padua 4397
Chittagong Lohagara Chunti 4398
Chittagong Mirsharai Mirsharai 4320
Chittagong Mirsharai Abutorab 4321
Chittagong Mirsharai Darrogahat 4322
Chittagong Mirsharai Bharawazhat 4323
Chittagong Mirsharai Joarganj 4324
Chittagong Mirsharai Azampur 4325
Chittagong Mirsharai Korerhat 4327
Chittagong Mirsharai Mohazanhat 4328
Chittagong Patia Head Office Patia Head Office 4370
Chittagong Patia Head Office Budhpara 4371
Chittagong Rangunia Rangunia 4360
Chittagong Rangunia Dhamair 4361
Chittagong Rouzan Rouzan 4340
Chittagong Rouzan Beenajuri 4341
Chittagong Rouzan Kundeshwari 4342
Chittagong Rouzan Gahira 4343
Chittagong Rouzan jagannath Hat 4344
Chittagong Rouzan Fatepur 4345
Chittagong Rouzan Guzra Noapara 4346
Chittagong Rouzan Dewanpur 4347
Chittagong Rouzan Mohamuni 4348
Chittagong Rouzan B.I.T Post Office 4349
Chittagong Sandwip Sandwip 4300
Chittagong Sandwip Shiberhat 4301
Chittagong Sandwip Urirchar 4302
Chittagong Satkania Satkania 4386
Chittagong Satkania Baitul Ijjat 4387
Chittagong Satkania Bazalia 4388
Chittagong Sitakunda Sitakunda 4310
Chittagong Sitakunda Baroidhala 4311
Chittagong Sitakunda Barabkunda 4312
Chittagong Sitakunda Bawashbaria 4313
Chittagong Sitakunda Kumira 4314
Chittagong Sitakunda Bhatiari 4315
Chittagong Sitakunda Fouzdarhat 4316
Chittagong Sitakunda Jafrabad 4317
Khagrachari Diginala Diginala 4420
Khagrachari Khagrachari Sadar Khagrachari Sadar 4400
Khagrachari Laxmichhari Laxmichhari 4470
Khagrachari Mahalchhari Mahalchhari 4430
Khagrachari Manikchhari Manikchhari 4460
Khagrachari Matiranga Matiranga 4450
Khagrachari Panchhari Panchhari 4410
Khagrachari Ramghar Head Office Ramghar Head Office 4440
Rangamati Barakal Barakal 4570
Rangamati Bilaichhari Bilaichhari 4550
Rangamati Jarachhari Jarachhari 4560
Rangamati Kalampati Kalampati 4510
Rangamati Kalampati Betbunia 4511
Rangamati kaptai Kaptai 4530
Rangamati kaptai Chandraghona 4531
Rangamati kaptai Kaptai Project 4532
Rangamati kaptai Kaptai Nuton Bazar 4533
Rangamati Longachh Longachh 4580
Rangamati Marishya Marishya 4590
Rangamati Naniachhar Nanichhar 4520
Rangamati Rajsthali Rajsthali 4540
Rangamati Rangamati Sadar Rangamati Sadar 4500
Bandarban Alikadam Alikadam 4650
Bandarban Bandarban Sadar Bandarban Sadar 4600
Bandarban Naikhong Naikhong 4660
Bandarban Roanchhari Roanchhari 4610
Bandarban Ruma Ruma 4620
Bandarban Thanchi Thanchi 4630
Bandarban Thanchi Lama 4641
Coxs Bazar Chiringga Chiringga 4740
Coxs Bazar Chiringga Chiringga S.O 4741
Coxs Bazar Chiringga Badarkali 4742
Coxs Bazar Chiringga Malumghat 4743
Coxs Bazar Coxs Bazar Sadar Coxs Bazar Sadar 4700
Coxs Bazar Coxs Bazar Sadar Zhilanja 4701
Coxs Bazar Coxs Bazar Sadar Eidga 4702
Coxs Bazar Gorakghat Gorakghat 4710
Coxs Bazar Kutubdia Kutubdia 4720
Coxs Bazar Ramu Ramu 4730
Coxs Bazar Teknaf Teknaf 4760
Coxs Bazar Teknaf Hnila 4761
Coxs Bazar Teknaf St.Martin 4762
Coxs Bazar Ukhia Ukhia 4750

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