Rangamati Tourist Places and Attractions Top List in Bangladesh

Rangamati Tourist Places and Attractions Top List in Bangladesh

Rangamati Tourist Places are Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge, Sajek Valley and much more. It is under Chittagong division in Bangladesh.

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Rangamati Tourist Places are Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge, Sajek Valley and much more. The spot is a tourist haven for the traveler. It is under Chittagong division in Bangladesh. The place is mainly famous for its tribal textile "Thami", handmade clothes. [tabs type="tabs"] [tab title="About Rangamati" active="true"]

About Rangamati

Rangamati is a tourist haven in Bangladesh. It is a paradise on the earth is found with a waterfall pouring down cold, a liquid to revive you from the tiresome trek. The greenery of the hill will be sooth your eyes and the fresh air will strengthen your lungs. The sky is a brilliant blue where you can make a visit seeming merely a walk in the clouds. As far as your eyes can see, you will find small hills covered with green trees, Joom crops (a particular type of crop cultivated on the hills), tribal houses and snake-like roads and highways. A land with lakes welcomes you with fresh chilled air. It is Rangamati, a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts.  it, home to around five lakh people with Bangalees and 11 tribes (ethnic minorities), came under the Mughal Empire in the 16th century. A tribal leader, Sher Mosta Khan, later took refuge with the Mughals in 1737.


The district is bordered by the Tripura state of India to the north, Bandarban to the south, Mizoram State of India and the Chin State of Myanmar to the east, and Khagrachari and Chittagong districts to the west. The largest district of the country in area. Upazilas and Thanas The district is consisting of 10 Upazilas and one municipality. Upazilas are Rangamati Sadar, Baghaichhari, Barkal, Kawkhali, Kaptai, Belaichhari, Juraichhari, Langadu, Nannerchar, and Rajasthali Rangapani.

Rangamati, A land of Green Beauty

Kaptai Lake, the dam, supplies the maximum hydroelectric power to the country. Away from the district town, the journey to Kaptai itself is a pleasure; never-ending paddy fields, a roller-coaster ride along the diverging paths of the hills, rivers flowing between the hills and finally the majestic lake where an unforgettable boat ride enables anyone to have the feel of a poet. Besides, several picnic spots on the lake and the birds-eye view of the whole area will offer you to have a family get-together.
On your way, you will then see the majestic Hanging Bridge (Julonto Bridge in Bengali) over the lake, an eye-catching view for the travelers from home and abroad. The boat ride is very scenic here.
Rajban Bihar Pagoda, another favorite vacation destination for the city dwellers and others, is an ideal place, especially for the Buddhists. It is also called the spiritualist principal monk. A place where you will see the first spiritualist monk of Rajban Vihara, Shrimath Sadhana Nanda Mohasthabir (Ban Vante).
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Rangamati Tourist Places

The travel to the greenery place itself is an utterly enjoyable one if you adopt the attitude of an adventurer as it has some significant tourist spots like Kaptai Lake, Hanging Bridge, Chakma King's residence and Rajban Bihar Pagoda. Here we make a list of famous tourist interesting spots according to Upazila.
  • Rangamati Sadar
  • Rangamati Lake
  • Chakma Rajbari,
  • Buddhist Vihara at Rajban
  • Furaman Hill
  • Tribal Cultural Institute and Museum
  • Memorial Sculpture of the War of Liberation
  • Kaptai Upazila
  • Kaptai Lake
  • Hanging Bridge - This 335feet long bridge across a portion of the Kaptai lake is an icon of Rangamati.
  • Kaptai National Park
  • Chhit Murong Pagoda
  • Hydro Electric Power Plant
  • Peda Ting Ting
  • Juraichhari Upazila
  • Banataigachug Hill
  • Juraichhari Rajban Bihara
  • Naniarchar Upazila
  • Ancient Buddhist Bihara at village Khullangpara.
  • Barkal Upazila
  • Shublong waterfall.
  • Langadu Upazila
  • Banasree Rest House (1900),
  • Longadu Forest
  • Tin Tila Forest (1970)
  • Dulchhari Jet Resort (2000)
  • Ganthachhara' Baitus Sharaf Complex
  • Rest House of Rabeta Hospital
  • Baghaichhari
  • Sajek Valley
  • Others
  • Parjatan Motel in Tabalchari Deer Park
  • Police Special Training School
  • Sabuj Pahar
  • Satellite Ground Station at Betbunia
  • Tuk Tuk Eco Village
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How to Go

If you love adventure and wish to enjoy the excellent views of the region, you can get a few direct buses from Dhaka without much delay. You can also drive into Rangamati from Chittagong by the vehicle. There are many bus services from Dhaka to Rangamati. Most of Dhaka Buses leave from Kalanpur and Saydabad bus stand.  There is no airport in this city. Name of the nearest airport is Chittagong. Train service is also not available. Rangamati is 77 kilometer from Chittagong district. Night travel is good. [/tab] [tab title="Accommodation"]

Where to stay

There are many hotels, resorts in Rangamati to stay. The hotel rate is reasonable. Here is some contact number of some rest and guest house.
  • Circuit House -Address: Amanat bagh, Vedvedi Area, Rangamati.
  • Forest Rest House - Address: Banarupa, Rangamati.
  • LGED Rest House - Address: T.N.T Area(near Rangamati General Hospital), Rangamati
  • USAI Rest House - Address: Amanatbagh, Vedvedi Area, Rangamati
  • Parjatan Holiday Complex - Address: Near Border Guard Bangladesh(BGB) Sector,Tabalchari Area,Rangamati
Tel: 0351-63126(office) [/tab] [tab title="District Info"]

Rangamati District Information 

Area 6116.13 square kilometer
Main River:
Chingri, Horina, Kassalogn, Karnafuly, Shublang, Rainkhiang Kaptai and Thega.
District Rangamati
Division Chittagong Division
Country Bangladesh
Temperature Highest average temperature: June 34.6⁰ c Celsius Lowest Average temperature: January, 13.4⁰ c Celsius. The average amount of rainfall is 3031 mm.
Postal Code 4500
NWD Code 0351
ISD Code 0088
Currency Taka (BDT)
Website http://www.dcrangamati.gov.bd/
[/tab] [/tabs] Rush immediately to the greenery land and take a dip in its beautification. The welcoming hilltops and waterfalls wait for you to show its magnificent beauty. Especially the green hills of the region are  the heart and the eyes of a nature lover. It is a top tourist spot in Bangladesh.

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