Sundarbans biological capital of Bangladesh

Sundarbans biological capital of Bangladesh

Sundarbans located in Khulna district in Bangladesh. Main attraction is Royal Bengal Tiger. After Cox's Bazar it is the second biggest tourist destination for traveler.

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Sundarbans located in Khulna district in Bangladesh. Main attraction is Royal Bengal Tiger. After Cox's Bazar it is the second biggest tourist destination for the traveler.

Sundarbans in Khulna

Sundarbans biological capital of Bangladesh. Living close to nature and having a look at its invaluable biological capital, the land of greenery, a habitat for flora and fauna species and the endangered tiger, is an ideal Adobe for those traveling in quest of beauty. In 1997, UNESCO declared the bountiful wildlife as world heritage site, a protective barrier for millions of inhabitants in and around Khulna and Mongla, the southern regions of Bangladesh, against the natural catastrophes like the flood, cyclone, tsunami, etc. [caption id="attachment_4831" align="alignright" width="300"]Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarbans Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarbans[/caption]
It is the world’s largest mangrove rainforest, needs no introduction to the nature lovers from home and abroad. The name is derived from the ‘Sundari’ tress (Heritiera Fomes), which are found available in the forest covering 10000 sq. Km in area. Of them, 6,000 km2 falls within the territory of Bangladesh while the rest in India. Lying in the vast delta on the Bay of Bengal, it is home to about 334 plant species, numerous fauna, including species of birds, spotted deer, crocodiles and snakes and lizards as well as more than 40 mammals including Royal Bengal Tiger, a large part of our national identity. The top predator helps to regulate the number and distribution of prey, which in turn impact forest structure and regeneration but it’s drastically loss by we human being is threatening our ecosystem. Keeping in mind, the Sundarbans can not be sustained without the tiger.
A large number of people, including Bawalis (wood cutters/golpatta collectors), fishermen, crab and shell collectors, Mawalis (honey collectors) and shrimp fry collectors, live in the mangrove area directly depend on the Sundarbans for their livelihoods. The interesting thing is that mangroves, contributing to limiting erosion of soil, can grow in both saline and fresh waters while they are defined as trees that grow in saline waters. Acts as large carbon storage, the world’s largest mangrove play a pivotal role in the battle of halting climate change.
If you are enthusiastic and nature loving the person, arrange a trip to its National Park, one of the largest reserves for the Bengal tiger and home to a variety of birds and reptiles, including the salt-water crocodile, as well. Located at the Ganges Delta, adjacent to the Sundarbans Reserve Forest, it was declared a National Park on May 4 in 1984. Although the forest is famous as home to the world renowned Royal Bengal Tiger which mainly draws the attention of the tourists, you will see the lifestyle of honey collectors and shrimp fry collectors fighting the wildlife every moment in their daily life. You can also find Saltwater Crocodiles, various primates, leopards, King Cobras and Indian Cobras. But the targeted zones for spotting tigers and other wildlife are Hiron Point, Tin Kona Island, Katka and Dublar Char Island.
Apart from all that, realizing the ecological and environmental importance of wealth of the wildlife, one should visit there at least once in life.
Without much delay, organize a trip to natural habitat and hire a Satkhira or Mongla-bound bus from Dhaka after getting permission from the Divisional Forest Office in Khulna.

How to Go Sundarbans

From Dhaka, travelers have to go Khulna first. Name of main bus terminal of inter-district is Royal More. Tourist has to go then Rupsha Ghate by auto or Riksa. There are many small launches. They arrange 2-3 day tour in Sundarbans. Mainly they are tour operators. It is better to book before travel.

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