Behula Lakshindar Bashor Ghor a Tourist Landmarks in Bogra

Behula Lakhindar Basor Ghor

Behula Lakshindar Bashor Ghor is at Nawab Bari Road, the Gokul Union, Mahasthan in Bogra Sadar. Gokul Medh is a historical name. It is one of the oldest landmarks in Bangladesh.

History of Behula Lakshindar Bashor Ghor

It is a great archaeological place in Bogra district. The site is an excavated mound. There is a five-meter high podium. You will see a square temple on top of the podium. It is a Buddhist temple. There are grasses around the site. The cover of grass on the landmark makes it look amazing.

Behula Lakhindar Basor Ghor
Behula Lakhindar Basor Ghor

There is a myth among the people. According to archaeologists, it is a temple. The residents think that it was “bashor ghar” of Behula and Lakkhidar. A lot of people come to visit the site every year. The site has great historical importance. It represents the archaeological skills of our ancestors.

How to Go

You will have to go to Bogra first. There are bus services from all over Bangladesh. From Bogra town, you have to go to Mahasthangarh by rickshaw or bus. The spot is 224 kilometers away from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. It may cost you 5 hours and 40 minutes to reach the site from the airport. For Saidabad Bus Station, you will need 6 hours to reach the site. The distance is about 243 kilometers. The Gabtoli Bus Station is 233 kilometers away from the site. It will take you 6 hours to reach the site.

Location and Address

The address of the site is Gokul, Nawab Bari Road, Bogra-5800. No opening and closing time is available for the site. You can visit the site without any ticket.

Hotel and Accommodation

You will find hotels in the Bogra main town. The accommodation and foods are cheap here. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has established modern motels with restaurants in the city. You may also consider Archaeological Departments’ Rest House.

Nearest Tourist Spots

The nearest tourist spots include Mahasthangarh, Kantaji Temple, Varendra Research Museum, and Bagha mosque. So, we hope that you will take advantage of the above information to visit the site the next time.