Bengal Music Festival by Bengal Foundation Registration for 2016

Bengal Music Festival for the year 2016 will hold on 24-28 November at the Army Stadium. Bengal Foundation organizes this classical music event. It is a five-day long program. Event short name is BCMF.

The music festival has dedicated to the memory of Syed Shamsul Haq. The Honourable Minister of Finance of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Abul Mal Abdul Muhit, MP, will open the festival. They will declare time schedule and registration date on the website very soon. The official website is

Bengal Music Festival Registration

The registration for the celebration has been started from the first week of November.  Here is the register from online.

Registration Process and Terms & Conditions

  • Applicant must use a unique cell phone number (11 digits) for each registration. You can register only once using the same cell phone number.
  • The 2-step registration process involves:
    a. Filling up the registration form
    b. Entering the verification code which you will receive via SMS after completing the form.
  • The e-ticket will then be emailed to the email address provided.
  • Gates will close at 12:00 am.
  • No bags, cameras, outside food and drink, tobacco and tobacco-related products will be allowed inside.
  • Multiple entries will not be allowed and there will be no car parking facility at the venue. Bengal Classical Music Festival ticketing terms and conditions.
Event Address and Location

The event will hold at Bangladesh Army Stadium, Dhaka. It is near Banani. The stadium uses for multi-purpose, mostly for football matches and concerts. The capacity of the stadium is 15,000 people. There is a swimming Complex, located beside the army stadium. Every year in Winter Bengal Foundation organize a Classical Music Festival event. They offer it totally free.

Bengal Centre, Plot-2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road

Date: Thu 24 Nov 2016 – Mon 28 Nov 2016
Inauguration: Thu 24 Nov 2016 at 05:00 PM
Venue: Dhaka Army Stadium
Helpline : ++8801881111 333
Entry: Free but need registration

Bengal Music Festival

The venue of Bengal Music Festival is at the Bangladesh Army Stadium Dhaka. Organized by Bengal Foundation and supported by ITC Sangeet Research Academy from India. Online Registration is here and to register via mobile, write -Bengal- and send to 6969.

A musician from  Bangladeshi and Indian will present classical music. Among them Bidushi Girija Devi, Pandit Shivkumar Sharma, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ustad Rashid Khan, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty, Ustad Rajan Misra and Sajan Misra, Sandeep Banerji, Pandit Samar Saha, Uday Shankar Malaka, Ustad Shahid Parvez, Pandit Ulhas N Kashalkar, Kaushiki Desikan, Bishal, and Krishna Mukh are there from India. Bangladeshi artists will also present solo and in a group at the event, with Asit Roy (dhrupad, vocals), Mohammad Moniruzzaman (flute) and Amit Chowdhury (Bharatnatyam). 160 artists will present over a 55-hour period at the Army Stadium.

There is another music fest organized by Bengal Foundation that is Dhaka International Folk Festival. The event has started on 10 November.

Artist Name schedule

This year, 165 musicians will participate in the festival from Bangladesh. At the opening ceremony, Sharmila Banerjee’s team Nrityanandan will perform Manipuri, Bharatnatyam, Odissi and Kathak dances to Tagore songs, composed and directed by her. Munmun Ahmed and her group will perform a Kathak the fourth night of the festival.

The remarkable vocalist Priyanka Gope will offer a solo performance of Khayal and lead her students of the University of Dhaka in a performance group.

The second night, Mohammed Shoeb and with his students present an experimental raga performance. Students of Bengal Parampara Sangeetalay attend different days of the festival, playing Sitar, Sarod, and Tabla.

How to go Dhaka Army Stadium

Dhaka Army Stadium is at New Airport Road. Tongi Diversion Rd is it another name. The music lovers have to cross Chair Bari, Banai Over Bridge, and Bangladesh Navy Head Quarters to reach the stadium. From Farmgate, most of the buses go to Army Stadium. From Uttara also most of the buses come to Army Stadium.

Terms & Conditions Entry Pass

  1. The e-Ticket (containing the barcode) must be presented whenever entering the venue during the 5 (five) day event.
  2. There will be an initial screening of the pass at the main gate, followed by scanning of the pass at the numbered gates of the stadium.
  3. The barcode must be readable by the scanner. Without a readable barcode, entry into the venue will not be allowed.
  4. Photocopies of the e-Ticket will not be allowed. People with photocopies will not be allowed entry at the stadium gates.
  5. e-Tickets cannot be printed at the venue.
  6. There will be no registration at the venue.
  7. A wristband will be put on each audience member at the gate and re-entry into the venue will not be allowed without the wristband under any circumstance.
  8. The wristband will be considered unacceptable for entry if it appears to have been tampered with.
  9. Multiple re-entries will not be allowed.
  10. The organizers reserve the right to pat down a pass holder at the entry point, for security reasons, if deemed necessary.
  11. Audience members are requested to carry an official photo-ID with them.
  12. Due to security checks, there may be certain delays at entry gates. Your cooperation and patience in this regard are appreciated.
  13. Gates will open at 5:00 pm.
  14. Gates will close at 12:00 am.
  15. Children below the age of 12 (twelve) will not be allowed entry at the event.
  16. No bags will be allowed inside. Men are requested not to bring any item other than their mobile phones, wallets, and keys which may be carried in their pockets. Women are requested not to bring purses larger than 8 inches by 4 inches. Any bag larger than this will not be allowed inside.
  17. There will be no provision to leave bags anywhere. The organizers cannot take responsibility for any bags brought to the stadium.
  18. The organizers reserve the right to check bags at entry points for security reasons. Bags refer only to ladies purses of size 8 inches by 4 inches, and laptop bags carried by members of the press who are registered with Bengal.
  19. No food or drink/water may be brought in from outside. Food will be available at the food court at a reasonable price. Water is available free of charge.
  20. All kinds of tobacco, tobacco related products will not be allowed to be taken into the venue.
  21. Seats are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. However, the organizers reserve the right to change the seating arrangement and provide an alternative seat for the pass holder.
  22. No seats can be reserved for anyone by keeping bags, shawls or anything else.
  23. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove from the premises, people or individuals deemed as a security threat or an element of disturbance.
  24. The organizers reserve the right to conduct security searches from time to time and also reserve the right to confiscate any item which may cause danger or disruption to other members of the audience and if deemed as a security threat.
  25. CCTV and film cameras will be present at the venue. Attending the event signifies the pass holders consent to the filming and sound recording of themselves as members of the audience with no obligations of any kind on the organizers part.
  26. The organizers will not take any responsibility for loss or theft of any personal belongings or any loss, injury and damage to the holder of an e-Ticket.
  27. Cameras of any kind whatsoever (other than those in mobile phones) are entirely prohibited. The organizers reserve the right to confiscate such items.
  28. Phones must be kept on silent mode during a performance.
  29. Audience members are requested to keep in mind the spirit of the event and not distract other listeners.
  30. Members of the audience should remain seated while in the performance area.
  31. If stadium capacity is full, then gates will close without prior notice.
  32. There will be no parking available at the venue.

About Bengal Foundation

Bengal Foundation is a cultural organization in Bangladesh. It is the leading supporter of the arts and cultural in Bangladesh. They organized music festivals and event in Bangladesh every year with the local and international artist. It had begun its journey in the late 80s. The founder and key person are Mr.Abul Khair.
Mission and vision of the Institute are to promote art, culture, music in Bangladesh. They provide the scholarship to the young Bangladeshi student to learn classic music. They played a prominent role in cultural movement in Bangladesh. Their official website is

Bus Service For the Music Festivals

The organizer will arrange bus services from the different part of Dhaka for Bengal Music Festival.

Source:: PDF Application Form Bengal Foundation

Another festival which is known as Dhaka Literary Festival  in month November at Bangla Academy Dhaka.

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