Gour Gobinda Fort is an Archaeological Heritage of Hindu King in Sylhet

Gour Gobinda Fort is an archaeological heritage of Hindu King in Sylhet Bangladesh. It is one of the famous tourist spots. The place is at Bishwanath Upazila in Sylhet Bangladesh. It is popular for its ancient architecture.

History of Gour Gobinda Fort

Gour Gobinda Fort is located on the hillside of Sylhet. It stands as evidence to the defiance of brave soldiers of the king Gour Govinda. But Gour Govinda was an oppressive ruler and to save the people from this oppressive ruler the Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal along with his companions fought with the king and destroyed the Gour Gobinda Fort to defeat him.

Major Attractions of the Spot

The place is very attractive for its ancient architectural beauty. Though you will find only the remnants in this tourist spot at present they will surely fascinate you and take you thousands of years back. This fort bears the memorable ancient history of the region. This landmark will remind you of the ancient history of the region.

How to Get to The Spot

If you want to go to the place from Dhaka, you may take the bus, train or air route. Many bus services are available in Dhaka that takes people to this tourist spot. You will find trains in Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station that leaves for Sylhet.
After reaching Sylhet, you will have to get down to the Sylhet Kadomtoli Bus stand. From there you will find many buses or private car services that will take you to the tourist spot. The spot is located in the middle of a city named Chauhatta which is about 1-2 kilometers away from the Sylhet Sadar.

Place / Location / Area / Other important Notes
  • Division-Sylhet
  • District -Sylhet
  • Upazila-Bishwanath
  • 1-2 km from Sylhet Sadar
  • Travel from Dhaka: Mainly bus and private car
  • Postal code Golapganj-3100

Accommodation and Food

You will find many hotels and restaurants in the Sylhet Sadar. Most of them are located in the Mazar Road. You will find all kinds of local and foreign foods in these restaurants. They are very much affordable as well. You may consider the following hotels and restaurants:

Hotel Holy Gate- East Dargah Gate, Sylhet
Hotel Golden City- Dhaka-Sylhet Highway

Nearest Tourist Spots

There are many tourist attractions near to Gour Gobinda Fort. You may also pay a visit to this tourist spot at the same time. Some of them are as follows:

Lawachara National Park
Tea Garden Resort
Mazar of Shahajalal
Mazar of Shahaporan

The beauty of this ancient landmark is extraordinary. The remnants of this fort attract many people who visit the spot.

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