Sylhet Tourist Places are Haven to the Traveler in Bangladesh

Osmani Shishu Uddan Sylhet

Sylhet Tourist Places are tea garden and Mazar. Sylhet is a divisional city of Bangladesh. Its old name was SriHatto.People of Sylhet is called Syloti. The city is laid on the banks of Surma River. The place is an important destination for tourism and sightseeing.

About Sylhet Bangladesh

It is a historically holy place for both Hindu and Muslim. Sree Chaitanya Dev Temple and Shahjalal Mazar are situated in here. It is a natural hilly, forest area with oxbow lakes. Tourist can take the place as their star destination. In the winter season, immigrant birds can see at Bill area. Sylhet Tourist Places can travel all the seasons.

It has four districts. Tea garden also surrounds it. The people of Sylhet is known as Sylheti. The local language is called Nagor. The total area of the regions is 1,404.63 square kilometers (542.3 square miles). There are twelve sub-districts or Upazilas under Sylhet district. They are Balaganj, Beanibazar, Bishwanath, Companiganj, Fenchuganj, Golapganj, Gowainghat, Jaintiapur, Kanaighat, Osmani Nagar, South Surma, Sylhet Sadar and Zakiganj. Main rivers are Surma and Kushiyara. It needs minimum five days to visit total Sylhet. Postal Code is 3100. The popular local newspaper is BD Govt official website is

Districts in Sylhet Division

Top Sylhet Tourist Places in Bangladesh

The area is famous for both pilgrims and takers. Tea gardens are also the main attraction for voyagers. It was the birthplace of Gen. M A G Osmani, 2nd Commander-in-Chief of Bangladesh Forces, during the Liberation War in 1971. Winter and rainy both weather are the tourist best seasons.

Here is a list of famous destinations in Sylhet District according to Upazilas.

  • Balaganj Upazila
  • Akhra of Gauranga Mahaprabhu
  • remnants of Nagendra Das Chowdhury’s residence
  • Temple of Chandranath Sharma (Babnobazar)
  • Sylhet Sadar
  • Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar Sharif
  • Ghardoar Nawabi Mosque
  • Statue made of black basalt at Bishwamvar Akhra
  • stone inscription of Shahi Eidgah
  • Keane Bridge
  • Lakkatura Tea Garden
  • Malnichara Tea Estate
  • Shahi Eidgah Maydan
  • Tilagar Eco Park – Tilagar
  • Shah Paran Darga Sharif
  • House of Ali Amzad
  • Beanibazar Upazila
  • Sree Sree Basu Deva Bari  at village Supatala
  • Six copper plates of king Bhaskar Barma (7th century)
  • Ruins of Rajbari at Tengra
  • Bishwanath Upazila
  • Sitla Devi Mandir
  • Residence of Hasan Raja
  • Satpari Dighi
  • ship-shaped house of Gaura Govinda
  • Gour Gobinda Fort
  • Jaintiapur Upazila
  • Haripur Gas Field
  • Megalithic Stone Jaintiapur
  • remnants of Jaintiaswari Temple
  • remnants of Jaintia Rajbari
  • Sarighat Temple
  • Lalakhal,which is another top tourist attraction in Jaintapur
  • Golapganj Upazila

  • Mazar of Hazrat Bahauddin (R)
  • Sri Chaitanya Dev Skon Temple
  • Kailash Tila and Dewan Bridge
  • Dream Land Park
  • Gowainghat Upazila
  • Panthumai
  • Pang Thu Mai and Barahill Falls
  • Ratargul Swamp Forest
  • Bisnakandi
  • Jaflong
  • Kanaighat Upazila
  • Patharkoari,
  • Tamabil Land Port
  • Fenchuganj Upazila
  • Ferry ghat of the east india company
  • Hakaluki Haor
  • Osmani Nagar Upazila
  • General MAG Osmani Home
  • Old warranty
  • Unseen mosque
  • Ancient inscription
  • Zakiganj Upazila
  • Nawabi Mosque at Khilgram
  • Sajid Bazar Mosque,
  • Gayibi Dighi at Bara Thakuri
  • Others
  • Khadimnagar National Park – KHADIMNAGAR, SYLHET
  • Jalalpur zamindar bari- South Surma

Nearest Tourist Destinations

How to Reach Sylhet

All three main transportation systems are connected with Sylhet. There is an international airport in the city. Name of the airport is Osmani International Airport. The main town is 241 km far from Dhaka. It may take a 5-6 hour by bus. Buses are available from Saydabad, Kallanpur and Kamlapur Dhaka. AC and Non-AC are there. Train service is available from Kamlapur Railway Station. It is better to travel at night by train. It will take 7-8 hours. Sylhet railway station is near Kadam Tali bus terminal. There is no steamer communication with Dhaka.

Hotels and Accommodations

Sylhet is an expensive place for travel. There are many categories of 5 star to 3-star hotels and resorts in the city. Price is reasonable. They are:-

  • Hotel Supreme & Exotica Restaurant -East Mirabazar, Tamabil Road
  • Rose View Hotel – Shahjalal Upashahar Main Rd
  • Hotel Star Pacific – Dargah Gate

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