Central Shaheed Minar Dhaka Bangladesh

Shahid Minar Dhaka

Shaheed Minar Dhaka is a national monument in Bangladesh. It is established to commemorate those killed during the Bengali Language Movement On February 21, 1952. The day is also now observed as International Mother Language Day across the world. Today, the Shaheed Minar is the centre of cultural activities in Dhaka.

Shahid Minar Dhaka
Shahid Minar Dhaka

Location of Shaheed Minar Dhaka

It is near Dhaka Medical College Hospital and in the Dhaka University campus area. It is adjacent to the Mathematics and Geography Department of Dhaka University. Ramna Park is very closer to it.

Place / Location / Area / Other important Notes

  • Division-Dhaka
  • District -Dhaka
  • Thana-Ramna
  • 2.5 km from Dhaka zero
  • Travel from Dhaka: Mainly car Riksha
  • Postal code-

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