26 March 1971 Independence day of Bangladesh

26 March 1971 Independence day of Bangladesh

26 March 1971 is the independence day of Bangladesh history. Freedom movement of Bangladesh had stared from this day.

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26 March 1971 is the independence day of Bangladesh history. Freedom movement of Bangladesh had started from this day. 26 March, the tragically memorable day for the Bangladeshi people due to the history. Bangladesh is now an independent country in the round world map. Before 1971, this country was as East Pakistan, part of Pakistan. In the nine months of Liberation War in 71, 3 million martyrs fought against the Pakistani Razakars, police, Al Badr, Al Shams to make their dream real. Then 16 December in the same year, Bangladesh becomes independent, liberated country.

Background of Independence 26 march 1971

Dhaka (former name Dacca) was the center of East Pakistan and a part of Indian subcontinent. On 26 March 1971 Pakistani police attacked the Bangladeshi people in the dark late night without making a noise. People of Bangladesh were killed illegally while the Pakistani police, Razakars, enemies of Bangladesh started torturing them. In Dhaka, almost 7000 people lost their lives at that furious night. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the leader of Awami Muslim League, Pakistani govt sent him to jail. Before he disappeared, he declared the liberation of Bangladesh on the eve of 26 March night. This news was transmitted to Chittagong E.P.R. to share to all Bangladeshis via Radio. Then on 26 March, former Pakistani armed force’s Bengali officer Major Ziaur Rahman declared independence of Bangladesh in Chittagong Kalurghat telecommunication center on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the declaration was: “This is Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro. I, Major Ziaur Rahman, at the direction of Bangobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, hereby declare that the independent People’s Republic of Bangladesh has been established. At his direction, I have taken command as the temporary Head of the Republic. In the name of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, I call upon all Bengalis to rise against the attack by the West Pakistani Army. We shall fight to the last to free our Motherland. By the grace of Allah, victory is ours. Joy Bangla.” After this declaration, all Bangladeshi woke up from the dream and took part in the Liberation War, 1971.


Achievement of 26 March is innumerable. Civilians of Bangladesh made this day of celebration remember the contribution of the freedom fighters. 26 March compelled and inspired to do war against Pakistani enemies. That day was just a start to win. Many Birangona and war children lost their lives to make a smile on newborn Bangladeshi people. Now in Dhaka, Bangladesh and across the country, people wish one to others and celebrate this day as a national festival and have greetings. Many cultural events are arranged at liberation monuments premises in each district. In Dhaka, people go to National Martyrs Monument at Savar. Different multicultural organizations such as Bangla Academy, Shilpakala Academy, and others arrange cultural events such as music competition, drawing, etc. at these places.

At Last:

Bangladesh government declared this day as the public holiday. 26 March is a day of celebration, historical and youth power. This is not a day for a single Bangladeshi. On 1971, this day was an energy booster for every Bangladeshi to utter words against the traitors and enemies. People of Bangladesh should be proud for those Martyrs and salute them all time.  

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