Naogaon Tourist Spots | The Place is famous for Paharpur Buddhist Bihar

Naogaon Tourist Spots | The Place is famous for Paharpur Buddhist Bihar

Naogaon Tourist Spots are Paharpur Buddhist Bihar, Rabindranath KuthiBari, Kusumba Masjid and more. The place is well known for sweet mango.

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Naogaon Tourist Spots are Paharpur Buddhist Bihar, Rabindranath KuthiBari, Kusumba Masjid and more. The place is well known for sweet mango.

Naogaon District Information

Naogaon was one of the Sub-divisions of Rajshahi district. It was upgraded to Zila 1st March of 1984. Now It is a part of the Rajshahi Division. The district is divided into 11 Upazilas. James (Nagar Baul - singer) and     Politician Abdul Jalil (AL) are from this district. Naogaon is famous for producing good quality of paddy. The name comes from Nao Gram. than Rajshahi and Chapai Nawabganj districts are hugely produced in this district.  Indigenous communities are Santal, Oraon, Munda.Postal Code is 6500.NWD Code is 0741. Govt. official Website is


There are 11 Upazilas in this district. They are Atrai, Badalgachhi, Dhamoirhat, Manda, Mohadevpur, Naogaon Sadar, Niamatpur,  Patnitala, Porsha, Raninagar, and Sapahar Upazila.


The district has the border with India on the north, Natore and Rajshahi districts on the south, Joypurhat, Bogra and Natore districts on the east, Nawabganj district on the west.

Weather and Temperature

Highest average temperature:37.8°c Celsius Lowest average temperature:11.2°c Celsius The average amount of rainfall is 1862 mm


Main rivers are Atrai, Punarbhaba, Small Jamuna, Nagar, Shib chalan beel.

List of Top Naogaon Tourist Spots

  1. Naogaon Sadar
  2. Dubalhati Rajbari
  3. Balihar Rajbari
  4. Sailgachhi Rajbari
  5. Kashimpur Zamindarbari
  6. Kumaigari three domed Mosque
  7. Balubhara Temple
  8. Atrai Upazila
  9. Rabindranath Tagor's KuthiBari, Patishar At Moniari Union
  10. Patisar Royal Palace
  11. Bagio Relif Comity at Voparn Union
  12. Mahadighi Mosque
  13. Kazipara Mosque
  14. Tazia at Bankagram
  15. Mirpur Mosque
  16. Manda
  17. Kusumba Masjid - Manda
  18. Six-domed Kushumba Shahi Mosque (1558),
  19. Thakur Manda Raghunath Temple
  20. Neel Kuthi at Satihat
  21. Badalgacchi
  22. Paharpur Purakirti and Buddhist Bihar
  23. Tara Temple
  24. Halud Vihara
  25. Pukurer Dhibi (mount) at village Sataiyr
  26. Building of Sarpukur
  27. Satyapirer Bhita
  28. Mohadevpur
  29. Mohadevpur Central Shaheed Minar
  30. Zila Parishad Dak Banglow
  31. Mohadevpur Rajbari
  32. Residence of Satish Roy Chaudhury (present government college building),
  33. 108-room two storied mud building
  34. Addhabari Mandir (Khajur)
  35. Raghunath Jeu Mandir
  36. Khoslahara Dighi
  37. Alta Dighi
  38. Bhim Sagar
  39. Belly Bridge
  40. Dhamoirhat
  41. Jagadal Maha Bihar
  42. The Tomb of Muhammad Shiran Khilji
  43. Alta Dighi Jatiyo Uddan
  44. Vimer Panti
  45. Maahishontosh Mazar
  46. Agradigun Dhibi

How to go

Bus and train are the main communication from Dhaka. The Nearest airport is in Rajshahi and Sudpur.
Naogaon town is the night living place. Hotel cost is a very reasonable price. Hotel Jamuna is the popular guest house here. Related Web Links

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