Tangail Diploma Polytechnic Institute College Bangladesh

Tangail Diploma Polytechnic Institute College Bangladesh

Tangail Polytechnic Institute is one of the best polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. The institute was established with an aim to make skilled engineers in the country.

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Tangail Polytechnic Institute is one of the best polytechnic institutes in Bangladesh. The institute was established with an aim to make skilled engineers in the country. Tangail Polytechnic Institute was established in the year 1991. At the beginning the number of students was only 40 in diploma engineering in Electrical technology. The institute has grown tremendously as the need of mid-level technical experts has increased in Bangladesh. The mission of the institute is to provide quality service through excellence. At present the institute is offering diploma engineering degrees in five technologies.

Facilities Available for the Students:

To develop the knowledge of the students the institute has a very big library in its campus building. There are thousands of books and journals related to various subjects and departments in the library. The students can also find out the availability of any book through the website of the institute i.e. www.tpi.gov.bd/?p=library. The students have to select their department name, book name and name of the author to find out their desired books. There are also high-tech labs to enrich the practical knowledge of the students. There is hostel facility for both male and female candidates.

Admission Procedure and Eligibility:

The admission of all the government polytechnic institutes is taken by Directorate of Technical Education, Bangladesh. The admission takes place according to rules and regulations determined by government regulatory authority. According to rule a candidate must have achieved GPA 3.50 in SSC or equivalent examination. The candidate must have GPA 3.00 in general mathematics or higher mathematics. The merit list of the students is created based on the result of SSC or equivalent examination and the written examination. The GPA in SSC or equivalent is multiplied by 10 and then the outcome is added with the result of the written admission test. If some students get same number or merit score, the student with good mark or grade in higher math, science, English, and chemistry are given preference.

Campus Address of Tangail Polytechnic College

It is situated about a kilometre distance north of Tangail new bus terminal. The campus is lush green have calm atmosphere.
Campus Location: B.A.U Madrasha, Deola, Tangail-1900, Bangladesh Phone; 09 21-63237 Fax: 09 21-63237(on request) Email Address: tangpoly1991@gmail.com Official Website: www.tpi.gov.bd
For more information regarding this institute please visit the website or contact with the office with the above mentioned number and email address.

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