Bangladesh Weather and Climate

Bangladesh Weather is a subtropical monsoon weather with rainfall, high temperatures, and humidity. It is a charming country situated in the South Asia region of the earth.

Bangladesh Weather and Climate

The country is a darling child of nature. The natural scenic beauty of the county is incredible and will just amaze anybody who loves nature. No other country in the globe is blessed with such beauty. The nature of villages, the beauty of Sundarbans, rivers and the longest Sea beach in the earth has made Bangladesh a country of unique natural beauty in the world. The name of twelve Bangla months is: Boisahkh, Joishto, Asar, Sharbon, Bhadro, Ahin, karrtik, Ograhayon, Poush, Magh, Phalgun, Choitro. In Bangladesh, there are six seasons. These six seasons have made this beautiful country a land of heaven.

Summer in Bangladesh

Though in the summer season, we feel uncomfortable for heat, the season brings a lot of sweet fruits including jack fruit, mango, litchi, and many other tasty fruits. The taste of these fruits is simply mind blowing and make one forget about the extreme heat. The highest temperature recorded ever is 42.2 degree on April 26, 2014. Bengali New year means Pohela Boishakh starts in this season. 14 April is 1st Boyshak in Bangla calendar. this day is government public holiday.

Rainy Season/Monsoon in Bangladesh

After the heat of summer, rainy season brings showers to make the country cool. The sky remains overcast with thick clouds, and one never knows when it is going to rain. When it rains, people of all ages come out of their rooms and go to roads or the roof to enjoy the drops of rain. In the village, the boys play football and other games are drenching in the rain.

Autumn in Bangladesh

It comes after the end of the rainy season. After the flood or when the river water leaves the land, the land becomes fertile and the farmer’s smile comes back. They crop various kinds of rice and vegetables in the field.

Late Autumn in Bangladesh

In autumn, the land turns into a carpet of bright green rice. This season brings a lot of blessing for the nation. The rice field blooms and festivals go on is the villages to welcome the new crops in the house. The land and people come to life in this season.

Winter in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with humidity. In winter the atmosphere becomes freezing and the less humid. The lowest temperature recorded in winter is 2.8 degree in Srimangal in the year 1968. People wear winter dresses to get rid of an extreme cold. In this season, you will find various kinds of cakes, named pita locally, in villages. The cakes are mainly prepared with flour, milk and date juice. The taste of these cakes with amazes anybody in the world. This season is good for travel in Bangladesh.

Spring in Bangladesh

After the end of winter, spring begins. The season comes with new leaves in the trees and beautiful eye soothing flowers start to glow. Various cultural institutions arrange programs to welcome the spring season. These programs are known as “Falguni Utsab”.

The combination of these six seasons has made Bangladesh a country with incomparable natural beauty. These six seasons make Bangladesh ornate differently in different seasons. Hence, a lot of tourists come from various countries to visit Bangladesh and be the witness of its beauty.

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