Coxs Bazar the longest sea beach in Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar sea beach

Coxs Bazar (কক্সবাজার) is a district under Chittagong division in Bangladesh. There is one of the longest sea beaches in the world. It is a continuous 125 km sandy seacoast with a gentle slope.

History and Background of Cox’s Bazar

The ancient name of Cox’s Bazar was Palongki. Meaning of Pyanoya is ‘yellow flower’. At the time British Raj (1799) a soldier came with a wooden boat here. His name was Captain Hiram Cox. He was appointed as a Superintendent of Palongkee at the time of British India in the 18th century. He established a market here, and the area is named after him. It is one of the most attractive tourist places for tourist. It mainly famous for the beach. The beach is the central attraction of the town. The town is 6.85 square km, and bounded by Bakkhali River on the North and East, Myanmar on the East, Bay of Bengal in the West, and the Jhilwanj Union in the south. It is north of Bangladesh, on the south, Bandarban district and Arakan (Myanmar), Naf river on the east, the Bay of Bengal on the west.

It has the longest unbroken sea beach in the world around. Leanth is about 120 km long. It is named Cox’s Bazar from Captain Cox. He was a British Indian army. In honor Hiram Cox a Bazar was established in 1799. The districts own some islands Maheskhali, Kutubdia Sonadia, Sahparira Island and Saint Martin.The district has 2300 mosques, 1200 Buddhist Pagoda, 700 churches and 400 temples. Main tourist season is November to February. Postal Code is 4700, and NWD Code is 0341. Main Attraction of Cox’s Bazar is sunrise and sunset.

Upazilas and Thans

There are eight Upazilas under this district, namely:

  1. Chakaria Upazila
  2. Coxs Bazar Sadar
  3. Kutubdia
  4. Maheshkhali
  5. Ramu
  6. Teknaf
  7. Ukhia
  8. Pekua

Coxs Bazar Travel Spots  Places

The place is one of the paradises for tourism. The sun rise and sun down both can see from here. It is also a noted point for Buddhist traveler.

  1. Adinath temple (Maheskhali)
  2. Agvamedha Buddhist Keyang
  3. Aggmeda Khyang Monastery –  A large Buddhist monastery, and a place revered by around 400,000 Buddhist people of Coxs Bazaar and the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The main sanctuary is posted on a series of round timber columns.
  4. Badar Mokam Mosque – It is the oldest mosque in the city. There is a local rumor, and it was named after Pir Bararsha. The mosque is located on the south bank of Bak Khali river near in Cox’s Bazar Sadar police station.
  5. Bir Kamla dighi in Teknaf
  6. Broken Hills
  7. Christmas Tree -Himchori
  8. Charang gata
  9. Cricket Stadium
  10. Dulhazra Safari Park Chakaria – Dulahazra Safari Park was developed on an undulating landscape of around 2,224 acres of area at Chakaria Upazila in Coxs Bazar District, wild elephants which are native to the area.
  11. Eidgah Bazar Mosque
  12. Hasher dighi
  13. Hilltop Circuit House: It is near the south-west district council building.For a moment it may be like Darjeeling of India. Tourist can see the billow of the Bay of Bengal from the top.
  14. Himachari picnic spot under Forest Department
  15. Himchari Waterfall– – Himchari is one of the most attractive places for the visitors. Beautiful Waterfall. Located 12 km south of Coxs Bazaar Town and 6 km from the Kalatali beach by the hill.
  16. Inani Beach – Inani beach is famous for its golden sand. Located about 32 km to the south of the famous tourist destination of Coxs Bazaar
  17. Jami Mosque at Ramu
  18. Kolatoli beach – It is another attractive beach for the tourist.It is near the main hotels in Coxs Bazaar.
  19. Kalarma Masjid
  20. Kutupalang Buddhist Keyang
  21. Kanabazar underground channel in Cox’s Bazar
  22. Maheskhali Island – Moheshkhali is a jewel among the attractions of Coxs Bazaar. The island is famous for its beauty and tranquility. Numerous eager rickshaw pullers patiently wait for the arrival of tourist and offer them an exclusive tour of the island.
  23. Laboni Beach – Laboni beach is considered as the main beach area of Coxs Bazaar as is at the central location and close to town.
  24. Lamar para temple -Ramu
  25. Lamarpara Buddhist Keyang, (in Ukhia)
  26. Oyster Market – A market where product  sales.  The location is on the main near  Holiday Hotel.
  27. Patabari Buddhist Keyang
  28. Para or Ajgabi Mosque – It was built in 1600-1700 AD during the reign of Shah Shuja. The campground is located on the north side of the BGB camp.
  29. Pagodas Jadi – It is a Buddhist temple . In 1790 Arakan community built it.
  30. Radar Station– Near top of Hilltop Circuit House. The radar device in collaboration with the Swedish child welfare agencies and the Red Crescent Society and was established in 1968.
  31. Rubber Dam – Rubber dams in the Bakkhali River and Idagaon Khal in Coxs Bazaar district that would supply irrigation water to 8,000 hectares for rice cultivation.
  32. Ram Sitar mandir
  33. Ramkot Hindu Mandir
  34. Ramkot Buddhist Keyang
  35. Ramu Cox’s Bazaar -About 10 km from Coxs Bazar, is a village with a sizeable Buddhist population.
  36. Ramu & Lamaparah
  37. Roses Farming Project : They cultivate rose flower approximately 50 acres of land in a private sector. It is in  Cakariya Upajela Harbang area.
  38. Satgumbad Masjid of Fazl Quke at Manikpur
  39. Saint Martins Island – Saint Martins is the only coral island in Bangladesh, approximately 9 km south of the tip of the Coxs Bazar-Teknaf peninsula.
  40. Sonadia Island -Sonadia is a small crescent shaped island. 7-km north-west of Coxs Bazar.The sight of game birds is migrating Sonadia Island in huge numbers through the winter seasons.
  41. Single domed mosque at Jhilanga
  42. Shing shaja temple 100ft
  43. Teknaf -It is about 100 km far away from Coxs Bazar.This is the only place Bangladesh which is connected with Myanmar by a small river called Naf River of Bangladesh.
  44. Tomb of Qutub Awliya, (in Ramu)
  45. Tomb of Shah Umar (in Chakoria)
  46. Well of Mathin, (in Kutubdia)

Transportation and Communication Cox’s Bazaar

There is three type of transport communication with Dhaka. That is the bus, train, and road. Bangladesh Biman, United Air, Regent and Novi Air have their flight. By air, it takes 60 minutes time. There is luxury bus service with Dhaka. By train, passengers need to go first Chittagong g and then by bus. It is 154 km from far from Chittagong.

Cox’s Bazar Google Satellite Maps

Hotels and Accommodations

There are a lot of hotels nearby the seashore. They are five stars to budget hotels. Among them Hotel Seagull, Sea Crown, Nilima Resort are popular. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation has their won complex there. November to February are the peak seasons here. Sea fishes are available there. Alcohol is not are available.

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