Jhalakathi Tourist Spots Destinations and Attractions

Jhalakathi Tourist Spots Destinations and Attractions

Jhalakathi Tourist Spots are Shiva Temple, Kirttipasa Landlord House and more. Shital Pati is a popular item of the district.

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Jhalakathi Tourist Spots are Shiva Temple, Kirttipasa Landlord House and more. Shital Pati is a popular item of the district.

Jhalakathi Tourist Spots

  • Jhalokati Sadar
    Remnants of the Ghoshal Rajbari
  • Nurullahpur Math
  • Shiva Temple - It is at the Ponabalia Union under Sadar Upazila. Name of the village is Hasra Gati. Every year, in the month of Falgun, there hold a fair in front of the Mandir for three days long.
  • Tomb of Angir Shah at Shekherhat
  • old Municipal building
  • Hazrat Daud Sha Mazar The Shrine is at Sugandhia Gram near Binoy Kathi College under the Nabogram Union in Jalokathi Sadar.
  • Mia Bari Mosque It is three Dome Mosque at Varukati Gram under the Nabogram Union in Jalokathi Sadar.
  • Guava market The floating market on the river at Bhimruli has become a tourist spot in Jhalakathi.
  • Kirttipasa Landlord House It is near Kirtipash bazar. Palace was in the name of King Kirty Narayana. Ramjibon Sen was the founder of Kirtypasha palace.
  • Tank of Beshanai Mallik- Kirttipasa Union.
  • Nalchity Upazila
  • Sujabad Kella (1639)
  • Civil Court Building (1781)
  • Tara Temple
  • Zamindar Bari (Baroikaran)
  • Rajapur Upazila
  • Surichora Jami Mosque (Mughal period),
  • Sujabad Qilla (Mughal period).
  • Rajapur Saturia Palace Rajapur Saturia Palace Saturia is an ideal village
  • Jibonanda das Mothers Home Maternal uncle House of Jibonanda is in here. Dhanshiri river is a dream of our natural poet Jibonanda Das.

Jhalakathi Bangladesh

Jhalokati is a district in South-western Bangladesh. It is a part of the Barisal Division. With an area of 758.06 km2, Jhalokati the Nabogram Union by Barisal district to the north and east. Barguna district and the Bishkhali river in the south, Lohagara Upazila and Pirojpur district to the west. The postal code is 8400. The government official web portal is www.jhalakathi.gov.bd. Google map will give you details about Jhalakathi.


Main rivers in this district are Bishkhali, Sugandha, Dhansiri, Gabkhan, Jangalia and Bamanda, Bazitpur river.


Jhalokati district has 4 Upazilas. They are Jhalokati Sadar, Kathalia, Nalchity, and Rajapur.


Dhanisiri Rest House is near KaliBari road. It is a very cheap hotel. Government guesthouse is also available here.
The launch is the main communication system of the district from Sadarghat Dhaka. Bus services are also available. The nearest airport is in Barisal District. Both in winter and the rainy season is the best time to visit the place. It is one of the beautiful tourist spots in Bangladesh.

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