Husaini Dalan Imambara a Muslim Arcological Historical place in Dhaka

Husaini Dalan Imambara is in Dhaka at Old Town. The establishment year of the architecture is 1642. The Shia people uses this building for worshipping.

History of Husaini Dalan

It follows the Mughal architectural system. The building is about 300 years. It bears the symbols of the Mughal dynasty. The exact establishment year of the Husaini Dalan is not known. There is an argument among the archaeologists. Shah Suja established it though his naval commander Mir Murad. Every year a procession named Tazia is arranged from this building. There is a pond at the southern corner of the building. There is a graveyard for the Shia people. The building is of white color. There is a blue calligraphy in the building. You will also see beautiful designs inside the building. In the year 2011, some renovation took place. Iranian government donated for the renovation. You will find the touch of Iranian designs in the buildings.

How to Go

The mosque is situated on the Husaini Dalan Road of Old Town. It is 16.9 kilometers away from the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport. You will need 42 minutes to reach the site from the airport. The site is near to the Saidabad Bus Stand. The approximate distance is around 3.6 kilometers. You will not need more than 10 minutes to reach the place without traffic. The site is 9.9 kilometers away from the Gabtoli Bus Terminal. You will not need about 35 minutes to reach the site without any jam.

Accommodation and Food

There are many restaurants in the Old town. You can enjoy many delicious meals both local and exotic. For accommodation, you can get into any nearby three or four star hotels. If you prefer 5-star hotels, you can get into Rupushi Bangla or Sonargaon Pan Pacific Hotel.

Address of the Spot

The mosque is located in the Old Dhaka, Husaini Dalan Road. It remains open for the visitors from 7 am to 10 pm. You can communicate with the authorities directly.

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Nearby Tourist Spots

The nearby tourist attractions include- Nabab Bari, Lalbagh Fort, Victoria Park, Baldha Garden, Bara Katra, Curzon Hall, and Shahid Minar.

So, we hope that you will get benefits from the above information when you visit the site next time.